Federal charges against Manssor Arbabsiar, who is in custody, and Gholam Shakuri, who is in Iran, in regarding an alleged bomb plot targeting the Saudi. Manssor Arbabsiar, 58, a Texan with dual Iranian and U.S. Shakuri, who was indicted along with Arbabsiar, remains at large in Iran. But it does have one thing to recommend it: an indictment. One of the men charged, Manssor Arbabsiar (right), an American citizen, was.

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This case is being handled by the U. Over the course of 12 days, Arbabsiar ended up providing agents information that authorities would later classify as “extremely valuable intelligence. Trump to US troops during 1st visit to combat zone. The Trump presidency’s top 5 pivotal moments of He told agents that he then met with CS-1 in Mexico and discussed assassinating the Ambassador.

US indicts Iranians in alleged Saudi plot

He thought to himself, “I am finished. Kim Jong Un reaffirms commitment to denuclearization in letter to South Korea. The two psychological reports paint the most complete profile to date of how Arbabsiar, known for losing the keys and titles to cars, ended up in the middle of a bizarre terror plot. Arbabsiar had succeeded neither in business nor in marriage. During a series of Mirandized interviews, Arbabsiar allegedly confessed to his participation in the murder plot.

Arbabsiar also told agents that his cousin, whom he had long understood to be a senior member of the Qods Force, had approached him in the early spring of about recruiting narco-traffickers to kidnap the Ambassador.

In France, protests planned amid New Year’s Eve celebrations. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. But in remarks just before his prison term was ordered, Arbabsiar indiictment that he took full responsibility for his part in the scheme and expressed his desire to someday go home to his family in Texas.

Arbabsiar pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy and one count of murder-for-hire in October. We will continue to investigate arbabeiar matter vigorously and bring those who have violated any laws to justice.


Manssor Arbabsiar Sentencing Brings 25 Years For Saudi Ambassador Assassination Plotter | HuffPost

At a pre-sentencing hearing earlier this monthDr. According to the complaint, Arbabsiar said that, afterwards, he met several times in Iran with Shakuri and another senior Qods Force official, where he explained that the plan was to blow up a restaurant in the United States frequented by the Ambassador and that numerous bystanders could be killed, according to the complaint. Food aid stolen as Indict,ent starves. Tuesday, October 11, In furtherance of this conspiracy, Arbabsiar met on a number of occasions in Mexico with a DEA confidential source CS-1 who posed as an associate of a violent international drug trafficking cartel.

Almost since manssog arrest inArbabsiar’s defense attorneys questioned whether he had the demeanor or the wherewithal to go through with the conspiracy to blow up indictmdnt bomb arbabsuar a Washington, D. In Octoberthe U. Arbabsiar surmised that since nobody had died as a result of his actions, he could provide information in return for leniency during his sentencing.

Manssor Arbabsiar, 58, showed little emotion as U. Susan Brandon, a psychologist who was present during all of the post-arrest questioning. Arbansiar to Arbabsiar, the plan was approved by these officials. In announcing the indictments against Arbabsiar and a second defendant, Attorney General Eric Holder said the two had “attempted to carry out a deadly plot directed by factions of the Iranian government.

According to The New York Timesthe plea deal came a few days before the judge was set to consider a motion to throw out or suppress Arbabsiar’s confession following his arrest on Sept. According to the complaint, Arbabsiar agreed to travel to Mexico to guarantee final payment for the murder. Defense attorney Sabrina Shroff said she was not surprised by the sentence after it was handed down.

Mexican authorities denied Arbabsiar entry into the country and the next day put him on a plane to New York.

On occasion, he cries when thinking of how possibly inddictment 25 years in jail will separate him from his family — including his wife, son and newborn grandson. Arbabsiar told agents that he indictmfnt met with the CS-1 in Indicmtent and discussed assassinating the Ambassador. Prior to his plea, Arbabsiar had been facing charges of conspiracy to murder a foreign official, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, which if convicted, carried a life sentence.


Arbabsiar, a 58 year-old naturalized U. The accounts also pull back the curtain on what happened immediately following Arbabsiar’s arrest, including his interrogation by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Qods Force conducts sensitive covert operations abroad, including terrorist attacks, assassinations and kidnappings, and is believed to sponsor attacks against Coalition Forces in Iraq. State Department provided substantial assistance. The prosecution is being handled by Assistant U.

We thank the government of Mexico for its close coordination and collaboration in this matter, and for its role in ensuring that the defendant was safely apprehended. He attempted to strike a deal. Shakuri, who was also charged in the plot, remains at large. He could receive a sentence of up to 25 years in prison. CS-1 also raised the possibility of innocent bystander casualties. Trump immoral, doesn’t tell the truth: Trump says federal employees want the wall. Some say they just want their jobs back.

I never had one girl more than once. Death of migrants at border ‘unacceptable, un-American’: Republican candidate kept donations despite requests to return them, filings show. Sandra Bullock on getting over the fear of safely raising her 2 kids. According to the criminal complaint, the IRCG is an arm of the Iranian military that is composed of a number of branches, one of which is the Qods Force. Border, shutdown and Ebola.