writes about Solomon Shereshevsky, the mysterious subject of the neuropsychologist Alexander Luria’s “The Mind of a Mnemonist” who was. The Mind of a Mnemonist has ratings and 85 reviews. This short book is Soviet psychologist A.R. Luria’s case study of Mr S whose memory is so vast that . This was The Mind of a Mnemonist, and I read the first dozen pages or so In the preceding decades, Luria had also published a string of.

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He also occasionally had problems reading, because the written words evoked lruia sensations. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

The Mind of a Mnemonist: A Little Book about a Vast Memory, with a New Foreword by Jerome S. Bruner

Luria does a good job of trying to present how this guy thinks, a seemingly impossible task. I’d recommend reading this book if you’re mnemomist. The Mind of a Mnemonist: For him, sounds have distinct colors and visual imagery and the wrong music can clash with the taste of a meal.

Often, if I imagine something is going to happen, it does. Interestingly, words can have smells, tastes, etc. He had become a performing mnemonist.

The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. There seemed to be no limitations to his memory capacity, so Luria became bored with that sort th thing, and began asking how he did these things, and what his methods were. The book is structured mo What a fascinating read!


Sep 17, Naresh rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Mind of a Mnemonist

We have to have some way to let go of unneeded information or else our minds would drown in a profusion of distracting details. M, the patient described in this book, has unbelievable memory. The Mind of a Mnemonist: A mndmonist easy read about a very interesting person.

Luria worked with S through the 20’s and 30’s to unlock the secrets of his remarkable ability, and also to understand the impact this talent had on his perception and understanding of the world and his personality and self-control.

The book begins with ths description of his amazing memory, which seems to have been completely limitless.

The Mind of a Mnemonist : A. R. Luria :

Ultimately I think I feel relieved that I do not have his perfect memory, as the price is high. Luria’s case study of Mr S whose memory is so vast that he can perfectly recall long lists of items YEARS after he first remembered them. First of all, props to the translator for a wonderful job sticking to all the complex wordplay, synonyms, entendres, poetry, and phonetic explanations. Luria discovers that the man had some interesting characteristics to his memory.

Quotes from The Mind of a Mne The Best Books of Jun 19, Mari rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a proud, well-built man; 2 is a high-spirited woman; 3 a gloomy person; 6 a man with a swollen foot; 7 a man with a moustache; 8 a very stout woman—a sack within a sack.


Solomon Shereshevsky – Wikipedia

This short book is Soviet psychologist A. Having previously read and thoroughly enjoyed Moonwalking with Einstein, the Mind of a Mnemonist fell very short. Then the tone gradually took on a colour one associates with twilight, the sound continuing to dazzle because of the silvery gleam it shed.

Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss. Psychology Abnormal Psychology Psychiatry Science: The Beginning of the Research 3. A time-capsule classic, and the way I learned the word “synesthesia,” the topic that became my life’s work.

Apart from his work with Vygotsky, he is widely known for his later work with two extraordinary psychological case studies, his study of a man with a highly advanced memory published as The Mind of a Mnemonistand the study of a man with traumatic brain injury published in The Man with a Shattered World.

Luroa by Mimd R. S used a system of visual and geographic iconics to remember everything he came across. His “N of 1” close readings remain fascinating reading today, including The Man with a Shattered World see this database.

It could be worse!

In fact, it turned out that M. May 06, Andreashide rated it really liked it.