At first glance, the lensatic compass can seem a bit daunting. Covered in various markings and with multiple moving parts, it looks as though it. Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. I have half a dozen navigation apps on my phone, so I rarely get lost! But phones have several major weaknesses: battery life and signal reception. Both of those.

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An orienteer a good one, anyway doens’t need to do this very often. In order to detect any errors we may have made, it is recommended that you plot at least one additional bearing to a different known location. Nowusing a straight edge, draw the bearing line and extend it in the desired direction.

Lensatic Compasses

Holding the compass up to your face, angle the rear sight so that you can read the compass dial clearly through the lens while peering through the sighting slot and lining your distant target the water tower, in this case up with the sighting wire.

Start by putting your thumb through the thumb loop and putting your index finger alongside the compass, similar to the cheek method. Or make a permanent scratch mark, paint line, or permanent compqss line on each end.

My page, fully illustrated book is yours for the asking. The smaller the angle to Lensaatic North, the more likely the diagram will show a larger angle.


Make a mark with your pencil at the notch on the end furthest from the sighting wire.

Some of the components’ terms are used in the explanations below. Close is good enough in horsehoes, but I’m hoping exact is the standard for artillery fire. Use the illustration above to familiarize yourself with the components of a lensatic compass.

Lensatic Compass Guide: What is a Lensatic Compass?

Then, you place your protractor on the map lensatkc its center point at your current position, making sure the north-south lines on the protractor line up with the north-south lines on the map. Rather, it is designed for accuracy and ruggedness. Lensatci of the difficulties inherent to using a compass is that magnetic north is not the same as true north.

Use a compass to get a general sense of direction for North, South, East, and West.

The lensatic compass is used by the U. What is a Lensatic Compass? When we plot the bearing on our map, our location will be where the line between our location and the cabin crosses the shoreline of the lake.

In addition to degrees to measure directions in a circle, compase military also uses 6, mils.

Lensatic Compasses

The usual precautions about magnetic objects in the vicinity of the compass should be taken. Instead you will use an imaginary line that runs down the center of the compass.

Definition of a Lensatic Compass So let’s get to the point, that being what the “lensatic” term means. To do this we need to establish an accurate Magnetic North compaass line on the map.


This is known as a back bearing. A lensatic compass is one with a magnifying lens on the sight. Watch this video on YouTube Another useful method is to orient your map to north by using your compass. The degrees are in red, and are the ring’s inner measurements. Unless you are stranded on a deserted islandknowing how to use a compass just ccompass save your life! I get this question compsas often than you would think.

It’s so simple that most people can’t believe they didn’t realize it from the start. The reason you want to set up the compass rather than just keep your eyes on the landmark is because your vision may become obscured.

Pay particular attention to the surface your are working on. Proceed to that target. The mils are in black, and are the outer measurements on the lensatc.

Whether laying in artillery, taking a sighting to a target, or performing a resection to figure out how far you’re off course, the lensatic compass excels at sightings and accuracy. It lensatif means that there’s a lens on the rear sight used ofr magnifying the card dial and taking a more accurate reading.

Point of Interest An “azimuth” is pretty much the same as a “bearing. Watch this video on YouTube Choosing Landmarks The landmark you choose can be anything visibly noteworthy.