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RAG-1—deficient mice have no mature B and T lymphocytes. A framework for variation discovery and genotyping using next-generation DNA sequencing data. An advantage of the 9 model is that beta cell death occurs in the absence of autoimmunity or insulin resistance.

Genetic Predisposition for Beta Cell Fragility Underlies Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

The percentage of islet cell death was assessed after 3 d of 69. Search articles by author Li Zhang. This study identifies beta cell failure as a mechanistic commonality between T1D and T2D.

These crosses effectively replicate B10 k. At a genetic level, we identified two discrete Tid loci that are sufficient to account for the entire NOD susceptibility. Proteome analysis Differential proteome analysis was performed on isolated islets from B10 k.

A transgenic mouse model for 924 endoplasmic reticulum stress.

Membranes were incubated with mouse antibody lri Xrcc4 1: The molecular pathways to transgene-induced diabetes identified here were notably paralleled in human islets, making the insHEL mouse strain a promising model for the development of drugs to prevent decline in beta cell numbers.


Regions with a different fluctuation profile are highlighted by the dashed lines and one arrow, corresponding to the regions indicated in a.

The ten ions with the highest intensity were then isolated for fragmentation in the linear ion trap, with a dynamic exclusion of 30 s. Variants were directly added with the leap tool of Amber 14 upon topology creation.

Dominant negative pathogenesis by mutant proinsulin in the Akita diabetic mouse. The temperature was kept constant at K, using Langevin dynamics 73whereas pressure was fixed at 1 atm through the Langevin piston method Heat shock protein inhibition lwi associated with activation of the unfolded protein response pathway in myeloma plasma cells.

Compared with metal-based electron donors, organic electron donors have some unique advantages, such as tunable reduction ability and mild reaction conditions. Previous Article Next Article. By contrast, the impact of insHEL, although globally smaller than the strain effect Fig. Gene set enrichment analysis: Functional assays MEFs were generated from B10 k.

Sequence reads were mapped to the mouse 996 genome assembly GRCm Quantification was performed using ImageJ v1. A point-charge force field for molecular mechanics simulations of proteins based on condensed-phase quantum mechanical calculations. In this study, we have used the properties of the insHEL transgene as a sensitizer for beta cell failure.

Here we directly investigate the contribution of genetic defects in beta cell robustness to the development of diabetes. Butler AE, et al.


The endoplasmic reticulum stress induced by the insHEL transgene therefore perturbs the correct processing of insulin, analogous to the Akita mouse 18 and in line with the model of T2D disease progression.

Dietary change recapitulates the effect of the NOD genetic background on a resistant mouse strain. X Ser; clone 2F3, 69 for flow cytometry. Gene dosage—limiting role of Aire in thymic expression, clonal deletion, and organ-specifc autoimmunity. Single-electron transfer is an important process in organic chemistry, in which a single-electron reductant electron donor acts as a key component.

As in male mice, the insHEL transgene resulted in increased insulin and proinsulin secretion Supplementary Fig.

Super electron donors derived from diboron – Chemical Science (RSC Publishing)

However, we found here that the diabetes-inducing properties of one such transgene are not immunological in nature and rather result from unfolded protein stress, a physiologically relevant pathway. X Ser phosphorylation pH2A. The results are representative of four simulations.

Transmission electron microscopy was performed on freshly isolated pancreatic islets from to week-old mice, which were Epon-embedded according to a standard protocol. Reprints and permissions information is available online at http: MEFs were allowed to recover for 15 h before fixation and staining with Alexa Fluor —conjugated antibody to phosphorylated H2A.