Legio Cybernetica aren’t AI in the sense you can talk to them or anything. The ones in the Horus Heresy had animal-like intelligence. After the. The Castellax, employed in units of one to five by the Legio Cybernetica, has a standard configuration of bolter and bolt cannon armament, and is able to. Hey all, Finally getting round to it, here is an overview of my full painted points of Solar Auxilia. I’m super happy with th Response to Striking Scorpion

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You have been warned. The Battle Automata of the Legio Cybernetica were among these chosen. Robots without a cortex or programming are entirely useless unless they are “slaved” to a Master Robot, receiving commands via their communications link.

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Go look up a picture and see how sexy they are. Harlequins in particular are known for their grace and evasion in combat as they forgoe wraithbone armor for holographic cloaks that confuse their location proportional to their speed.

They were responsible for little more than providing the robots with their final “wetware” programming and for monitoring their progress during combat. This versatility in a wide range of battlefield roles makes this war cybrrnetica a highly-deployable and popular machine among the Legio Cybernetica’s cohorts. This subreddit is for discussion of 40k lore only. Oh, and after all this cheese you won’t need Cortex Controller to bring them to the party.

Legio Cybernetica

In addition, friendly psykers can draw Line of Sight from any Psi-Control Matrix Castellax for their Malediction and Witchfire powers, but should the psyker suffer Perils the Castellax must pass an LD test as well or take d6 unsaveable wounds, if this kills them their death-splosion has a maxed radius.


Any damage to a master robot’s communicator brings all its slave robots to a halt. In the void they are no less efficient, wraithbone craft easily evading all but the most overwhelming displays of Imperial firepower. It is one of the oldest branches, with records stretching back to the very first days of the Imperiumand presumably before then. Their dark bargain struck, the Fabricator-General pledged his continued support for Horus, and promised that the Mechanicus would assist the Traitors with all the technology and war materiel at their disposal.

Some of these robots were rewarded for their service by being made honorary members of the Legions they served with. An assault robot designed for anti-tank and siege work. During the Horus HeresyHorus swayed Kelbor-Hal, the Fabricator-General of Mars and therefore the ultimate commander of Mechanicum forcesover to his side, along with nearly the entire Legio Cybernetica.

Conqueror Class Robot Traitor -colours [1].

BS5 and -1 to enemy cover from Advanced Targeting will fit well too. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. On the tabletop, these guys are neigh-unstoppable freight trains of pure murder.

The Hellex Mortar is a ridiculous weapon that is able to launch dense spheres of blazing plasma on arcing trajectories over defensive barriers and into the heart of enemy fortifications, incinerating anything in their blast radius with a liquid tide of sun-hot fire.

Inserted into the dataslot hidden behind each robot’s chestplate, the wafer’s command protocol will dictate every iota of the host’s behaviour, usually optimising its ability to destroy its foes in a spectacular fashion.

Its legacy survived with the Dark Mechanicumwhose members still go to infernal lengths to give life to their machines. Posts featuring self-promotion will be removed. Log in and join the community. The Legio Cybernetica can trace its origins to when early technosavants experimented with artificial life. Without an operational cortex the robot is merely a heap of junk that can only take whatever punishment is meted out to it, but with a fully programmed cortex, a robot can prove leyio the equal of many other opponents on the battlefield.


Perhaps one of the most famous robot-vs-robot actions during the Heresy took place in the Eastern Industrial Sector of Myrdinn City during the Scouring of Entessianwhen a small but well-programmed force of Traitor robots held off a small force of Firebrand Titans supported by dreadnoughts and robots for almost an hour, causing considerable disruption to the planned flanking sweep.

During the Horus Heresy particularly large numbers of Legio robots were committed by both the Loyalists and Traitors in an effort to minimise human casualties until a decisive final battle could be fought.

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Each maniple was a self-contained unit, with a single Tech-adept typically overseeing the management of four robots on the battlefield. The Domitar-Ferrum class robots is often called as the spiritual successor of the Colossus whom Perturabo made into personal bodyguards called the Iron Circle. In the wake of the Letio, it’s probably more dangerous than ever to deploy such ‘vulnerable’ assets. However this guy is a whopping points, so make those potential Strength D hits happen or you’re not getting those points back.

Legio Cybernetica – 1d4chan

It is also implied by The Carrion, a Knights-Errant, that this AI holds the secret to cleansing all the automata on Mars from the scrap-code viruses that escaped during the Martian Civil War.

Over the centuries the Legio Cybernetica has produced many robot designs. The Thanatar-Calix’s most destructive armament though is the Graviton Ram, a weapon whose origins are lost in the Dark Age cybernetuca Technology.