53/)(actualizat până la data de 12 august *) Legea nr. / pentru prevenirea şi combaterea evaziunii fiscale, publicată în Monitorul Oficial al . versiune actualizata la data de 2 decembrie -/-. LEGE nr. din 27 . / privind Fondul pentru mediu, aprobată cu modificări şi completări prin la 31 decembrie , reglementările şi/sau codurile menţionate la art. alin. consolidation in period saw the number of agricultural holdings New business start-ups, entrepreneurship and SMEs are identified under the ().html.

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Traian Basescu sues Igor Dodon. A new session in Filat case. Socialists challenged some provisions of the Law on the status of Chisinau.

legea 241 din 2005 actualizata 2014 pdf

Ilan Shor’s reaction to the new details provided by Kroll. Tough retorts in Parliament between former and current communist MPs.

Igor Dodon paying a working visit to Bishkek. Law on Prosecution, promulgated by the President. fin

Members of the Communist Party request Vladimir Voronin’s exclusion from the party. Socialists file simple motion against Minister Vasile Bitca. EU shares the Venice Commission’s views on changing the Moldovan electoral system.

legea din actualizata pdf – PDF Files

Civil society calls for Parliament to convene repeatedly in a special session. Turkish Prime Minister continues his visit to Moldova. Roadmap tasks for implementing the Association Agreement, fully achieved. Two parties would gain most of votes if elections are held on Sunday. Great plans to mark the th anniversary of the Great Union in Mixed vote passed in first reading.


Issues about negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol, discussed in Bender. DA Platform approves the candidate designated by Nicolae Timofti for premiership. Mandate of the current composition of Central Election Commission expired. PL asks the CCM to consider the constitutionality of the law on the mixed electoral system. Andrei Galbur will pay an official visit to Tallinn. Autumn session of parliament came to an end.

Members of the Civic Initiative Group start collecting signatures for constitutional referendum. Peter Michalko to be appointed EU ambassador to Moldova. Grigory Karasin is not deferring his visit to Moldova. A parliamentary majority comprising 56 MPs, established.

Igor Dodon pays an official visit to Azerbaijan. Hearings in Filat case have been postponed again.

Moldova and Latvia strengthen their actualizatq. Members of the Liberal-Democratic Party in Moldova convene a congress. Moldovan-Ukrainian consular consultations in Chisinau. Traian Basescu visits Chisinau.

Ukraine might close the crossing points on the transnistrian segment. IMF mission might come to Moldova in early June. Development of moldo-turkish relations, discussed in Chisinau.

CODUL MUNCII (A) 24/01/ – Portal Legislativ

Governmental Committee for European Integration convenes a meeting. Presidency will open some public offices in several localities in the country. Vlad Filat sentenced to 9 years in prison.


Agreement with the EU on security procedures for exchanging and protecting classified information. A new meeting between Gheorghe Balan and Vitaly Ignatiev. President Nicolae Timofti grounds legeea decision to nominate Pavel Filip for the office of premiership.

Developments in the Transnistrian settlement negotiation process, leges in Chisinau. CEC has ceased preparations for the republican referendum. Igor Dodon donated three volumes of History of Moldova to students in Moskow.

Prime minister will be someone docile to Plahotniuc. Moldovan foreign minister meets his counterparts from Ukraine and Russian Federation. Igor Dodon to participate in the Victory Parade in Moscow.

The head of state returned to Parliament the draft laws on Gagauzia’s mandates. Actuqlizata Sandu — candidate of Party Action and Solidarity in the presidential elections. New team of EU Mission of Counselling introduced at government. Dorin Chirtoaca summarizes People decide on the geopolitical vector.