Magnetic current ;: Mineral, vegetable & animal life [Edward Leedskalnin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Coral Castle was built by. Ed Leedskalnin Mineral Vegetable and Animal Life. DownloadReport. Published on Dec View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. Mineral, Vegetable & Animal Life: Perpetual Motion Holder. Front Cover. Edward Leedskalnin. The Franklin Press, – Magnetism.

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South pole prong West, and then elevate the cross-bar’s center up to tile South pole vertically hanging magnet, leedskalnln the magnet will swing South and when the cross-bar’s center is elevated up to North pole vertically hanging magnet, then the magnet will swing North. If I make a battery with copper leedsalnin positive terminal and beef for negative terminal I get more of the magnets out of it than when I used copper for positive terminal, and sweet potato for negative terminal.

Tutti noi potrebbe pensare ad alta voce se non sono stati soppressi, mentre eravamo piccoli. This shows that the plants can grow without green chlorophyll. La maggior parte delle bolle si uniscono alle altre eledskalnin e alcune delle bolle assorbono molte altre bolle prima che si scoppiano e scompaiono.

The same is true concerning our body and everything else. All our body functions are physical, there is no mental function in us, for instance thinking the same as talking is physical process. Lightning only strikes if the North and South magnets are concentrated too much in a small space.

If I run North and South pole magnets from a car battery car battery is stronger than zinc battery in those two coils while the laminated iron cross bar is across the iron bar prong, and fill the iron bar orbit with magnets, then those North and South pole magnets will never stop running around, they will run around until the cross bar is pulled off. Ive read also people talking leedskalnln the shamash tablet, and comparing it to Eds picture and the machine the star symbol on wheel It could be related, that leeedskalnin could either be a cymatic frequency, and or a star.

I leedekalnin able to find an older version, this version is from The photos are completely different, the newer version has a photo of Ed and his machine Text is sharp and clean. Interpreted as Mithraism There are a wide range of interpretations of what this image is.

Edm talked about the symbolism within, particularly at the bottom portion of the perpetual motion holder circled he refered it to as possibly a mlneral or the greek letter w This was found in an old symbolism book I was reading, the symbol lwedskalnin is called Le Triple Hecate translated to The Triple Hecate. Vegetable life is to hold the vegetable matter together and increases in volume.


In fact all matter and everything everywhere is held together by the Animap and South pole individual magnets. When I put clear water in the pools where the sunlight can shine in, then in two months’ time I can see the moss is beginning to grow. Put those two loose rod ends together until the rod gets hot. The magnets are indestructible. I can see tiny lightning in my eyes if I dose the eye lids and give vegwtable side push to the eye ball from the nose outward, but I could not do it every day.

Mineral, Vegetable & Animal Life: Perpetual Motion Holder – Edward Leedskalnin – Google Books

For instance you can burn wood or flesh. L’acqua negli impianti di cattura la luce del sole in esecuzione che viene dal sole e il Nord e il Sud magneti polo si avvolgono attorno alle particelle di sole anc e, non appena le particelle di luce solare che avvolti intorno dal Nord e Sud magneti poli stanno arrivando minegal parte adatta della pianta poi unire la pianta e diventare una parte di esso. The Masonic Society of Trinosophists has a system of 5 degrees.

I have never studied human anatomy, but I know there are many little cords that the magnets can pass through. When chemists make electricity from Zinc with acid in a battery, then the North pole magnets are coming out of the positive terminal, and South pole magnets from the negative terminal. The water in plants catches the running sunlight that is coming from the sun and the North and South pole magnets wrap themselves around the caught particles of sunlight and as soon as the particles of sunlight which are wrapped around by the North and South pole magnets are coming in the suitable part of the plant then they join the plant and become a part of it.

I fisici si utilizza una facciata attrezzature per inseguire leeedskalnin protoni e gli elettroni non esistenti, ma trascurando il Nord e il Sud magneti polo, che sono la base di tutto. I have been watching while the acid takes in parts of the Zinc and many other things.

Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life

Mineral life is to hold the mineral matter together. I Magneti in generale sono indistruttibili. The sun is living in a destruction period and the mjneral in a construction period. The sunlight was running in the water every day and the North and South pole magnets were running through the water all the time. Questo dimostra che i magneti possono contrarre e rilasciare i muscoli. It became green by evaporation. It is not the green chlorophyll that converts the sunlight in plant food, it is the water that does it.


Ho fatto un telescopio roccia e una meridiana e mi hanno disingannato. Ahd I keep eating more for some time then I can see the tiny lightning while my eyes are open.

Now I know the right path the Earth follows. Posso vedere un fulmine piccolo nei miei occhi se mi dosare le palpebre e dare una spinta laterale alla palla leedxkalnin dal naso verso l’esterno, ma non ho potuto fare tutti i giorni. You have noticed that lightning hits the biggest tree and the tallest building. Make sure you fold the picture 8 times to reveal the hidden image: When one form of life goes through the destruction period the life leaves the matter and goes somewhere else.

I can run those North and South pole magnets in my perpetual motion holder, then they will produce perpetual motion and when I want to use the same magnets for other purposes. Dove il nostro corpo i magneti da?

Ed Leedskalnin Mineral Vegetable and Animal Life

The North and South pole magnets are going in and out of the earth all the time, everywhere and their numbers are limitless. Symbolism of the triangle, Leedskalnin always shows 3, number 3 First line represents Mineral Kingdom, proper study of apprentices Second line represents the Vegetable Kingdom, generation of bodies Third line represents the Animal Kingdom, where the Master Mason completes his education.

From the above experiment you can see the perpetual motion holder can act as a living thing. Here is what I remember from reading discussions in different forums. If you want to get involved, leedskaknin one of these buttons! Le bolle che lasciano il primo atto bolla come adn magneti, e alcuni sembrano avere poli del magnete.

This is all that I can tell about our body functions. Fisiologi non sanno che il Nord e il Sud magneti polari contraggono i muscoli per le nostre funzioni corporee. All functions in our body are performed by North and South pole individual magnets.

The North and South pole magnets are going in and out of the earth all the time, everywhere and their numbers are limitless.