Family Name: Arecaceae (Palmae). Synonyms: Acanthophoenix dendroformis, Latania glaucophylla. Common Names: Blue Latan Palm. Latania loddigesii. Blue Latan Palm. The Blue Latan Palm is one of the best ornamental fan palms. While young plants have beautiful red petioles and leaf. Latania loddigesii is endangered; a few mature specimens survive, but it is by far the most abundant tree species Latania on Round Island. The number of young.

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It grows often in association with screwpines Pandanus Vandermeschii in the original dry, open, forest between the two tableland in the south of the island on barren, rocky loddiesii and ravines mostly western faced with the apparent lacking of soil.

Clean seeds, carefully scratch hard layer with a knife or similar and pre-soak in warm water for days. Common name blue latan palm.

Photo by Paul Craft.

There are 3 colors of Latan Palm: Latania loddigesii is a very attractive fan palm noted for its distinctive, blue coarse-textured leaves. Downloaded on 21 August Put each seed in a mid-sized to large pot 6″ minimum.

Latan Palm makes a striking specimen planting and is well-suited to seaside locations loddigesil to its moderate salt-tolerance.

Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

Prefers full sun from a very young age but will tolerate half day sun. The Blue Latania Latania loddigesii seeds are more nicely patterned and Yellow Latania Latania verschaffeltii seeds are long and thin and the patterns are parallelalso at the bottom it ends like a ” trident ” and the fruits of that are longer and slender than the Blue Latania Phenology: Photo by Ryan D.


Plant it in an area where you would like to attract attention. Photo by Paul Latzias.

The three to six-foot-long flower stalks are present lordigesii the leaves in spring and some of the glossy brown, two-inch-wide fruits are always ripening. Last Updated May idtools.

Inflorescences with male flowers shorter to 1 m long and have more branches than those with female flowers to 2 m long. The fruits are similar to those of a peach or apricot in that a woody “pit” with a textured surface encloses a smooth, almond-shaped seed.

Latania loddigesii

Post a comment about this plant. Cook See all synonyms of Latania loddigesii.

Arecaceae ar-ek-AY-see-ee Info Genus: Scientific name Latania loddigesii Mart. Blue Latan Palm Latania loddigesii. The seeds are divided in 3 at the bottom like a “trident”. Contact Submit an Article Advertise. NT Botanic Garden, Hawaii.

Palms only have olddigesii set number of new leaves that can sprout and grow per year and removing fronds will not increase that number. I happen to have all 3 colors as small palms.

Though they start out as exceptionally colorful palms with a lot of bright red, yellow, green, orange, and blue as seedlings, they all sort of turn to a grey color as they age. The leaf sheath splits to form a V-shape below the petiole, the petiole is smooth and sharp-edged or armed with minute teeth along the margin near its base, and the hastula is flat and somewhat arrow-shaped.

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Blue Latan Palm Latania loddigesii

It likes fertile, sandy soil, but is adaptable to different soil type clay; loam; slightly alkaline or acidic and grows even in poor lands, provided they are well drained. Flower not showy creamy-white to yellowish-brown. The fruits are similar to those of a peach or apricot in that a woody “pit” with a textured surface lataniia a smooth, almond-shaped seed. All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits.

It is susceptible to lethal yellowing disease, and so should be used sparingly in the landscape. This page has been accessed 20, times. The fruits are fleshy similar to those of a peach or apricot in that a sculptured woody endocarp pit with a encloses smooth almond-shaped seed.

Latania loddigesii Blue Latan Palm has blue-grey leaves.