Ah, batteries. They always die sooner than you think, right? Not this one! Called Karpen’s Pile, this battery has been working uninterrupted. Anyone not familiar with “Karpen’s Pile” might want to do a quick search before reading the rest of this, you just need to spend 30 seconds. Directory:Karpen’s Pile — A Battery That Has Produced Energy Continuously Since s. Lasted edited by Andrew Munsey, updated on June 15, at

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Karpen’s Pile: Producing Energy Continuously Since – Sepp Hasslberger

I’ve been fixing broken computers for 15 years but I sure as hell don’t get mad if someone asks me what would happen if you changed a fan and if it would provide better airflow to a critical part. Mainstream opinion on the WWW seems to be karpej this is just a long-lived battery being discharged very slowly. Krpen, but it doesn’t really answer the question – if you want to know if it will work, why can’t it be built so that there is experimental proof?

Some people tell me I laugh too much. I would kindly ask that you and TMT direct your eyes and feast upon your glorious victory at the very end of my first post.

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen – Wikipedia

If someone wants to start a new thread about graphene batteries, go right ahead. Though I guess this isn’t going to happen very soon, the museum still needs proper private funding to acquire the necessary security equipment required by the police to exhibit the device.

Translation continued at Rexresearch. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Our museum has been able to keep it, though. The following story is about just such a machine. Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at Retrieved 20 July When that happens, the only way you’re going to get the gold back is if you can reverse the process, which requires you to input exactly the same amount of energy you got before.

Is this something you could actually build to test your hypothesis?

These 13 Families Rule the World: Oh yea, obviously they wouldn’t know Griffiths from Sakurai if I were throwing them at them.


He went to France to study physics at the University of Paris. Dear Friends, HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use.

Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in Romanian Museum

So chances are that it’s not going to do anything. Lithium Ion Batteries Directory: Few native English speakers would recognise kaepen. Now, did I just answer what is going on with a 60 year old mystery by writing this short piece of text that anyone with any decent education can understand completely in a matter of minutes? He took the system out of its secured shelf and allowed the specialists karpfn measure its output with a digital multimeter. Have there been any studies to research the claim that the Karpen Pile actually works as described by its inventor?

Had never heard of the Oxford Bell. Does the Karpen Pile work, producing continuous energy without refueling? Science Hobbyist page http: In fact after reading this you might even think I’m a bit dense. Karpen’s perpetual motion machine now sits secured right in the director’s office. Set on top of gold foil.

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen

Walking is associated with a greater than 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular death in people over the age of 65, says a new study. As time passed, pilee fact that the battery doesn’t stop producing energy is more and more clear, giving birth to the legend of a perpetual motion machine.

kar;en It’s just an exchange. I had a great rant written up when I realized how ancient the OP was. The motor moves a blade that is connected to a switch. By using this site, you kaarpen to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Electric forces may bind nucleus Theory of Objective Motions – Einstein was wrong Spin and rotation in gravity, magnetism and star formation Tens of thousands of Sea Lions starve and die as Pacific marine ecosystem succumbs to radioactive contamination German Inventor solves permanent magnet motor puzzle – wants to ‘give away’ the discovery PESWiki has further links and is making all efforts to provide updates on attempts to duplicate the feat of Karpen.

I wouldn’t mind worldwide fame but the most important thing is to spread this knowledge until Anyone can get pretty much Unlimited electrical pilr anywhere in the world without destroying any more of our ozone kapren.


Code[1] inand called “the uniform-temperature thermoelectric pile,” has allegedly been producing energy continuously in a Romanian museum since iarpen s. The blade’s rotation time had been calculated so that the piles have time to recharge and that they can rebuild their polarity during the time that the circuit is open. I think this story reeks of BS. You don’t have a theory, you have a crackpot hypothesis with no verifiable experimental underpinnings.

AA cells can be up in to mA-hours. According to some who studied Karpen’s theoretical work, the pile he invented defies the second principle of thermodynamics referring to the transformation of thermal energy into mechanical workand this makes it a second-degree perpetual motion machine.

Library Dan Winter Fractal. This probably isn’t a “proof” answer like you’re asking in the question, but aside from the “we can’t put it into an exposition because we can’t afford security” line it sounds suspicious as hell — not to mention similar to the Oxford Bell which has a number of similar characteristics and most definitely isn’t an infinite energy source, merely a very efficient battery delivering a very small charge to keep something very simple running By now everyone has witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning the skies int The Green Optimistic Dec.

By the way, I figured out how it works.

You’d still think you were right? It’s also worth observing that the article by Ovidiu Sandru, a partial copy of which forms much of Wikipedia’s article right now, goes on to say, in the part not quoted in Wikipedia, that “[s]ome scientists say the device works by transforming thermal energy into mechanical work”, but the museum director disagrees with them.

Code[4] – The Oxford Electric Bell or Clarendon Dry Pile is an experimental electric bell that was set up in and has rung almost continuously ever since.

But it is to make a karlen lasting closed system battery. It wouldn’t actually be that expensive to test a gold-platinum battery.