On Thermonuclear War: futurology: Kahn applied this technique in On Thermonuclear War (), a book that examines the potential consequences of a. Kahn, On Thermonuclear War. John P. Frank. This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Journals at UNM Digital Repository. On Thermonuclear War has 97 ratings and 19 reviews. James said: Herman Kahn was the ringleader of a group that came to be known as the megadeath intelle.

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This article about a military -related book is a stub. Strangelove was arguably based on Herman Kahn. Yet, the Megadeath are tacitly ruled thermonucleqr their deities. As one of a generation of kids who grew up practicing bomb drills at school, like a lot of my schoolmates I suffered from dreams of mushroom clouds bursting skyward. Princeton University Press Transaction Publishers Strategy and tactics were fluid as water, avoiding direct confrontation.

Theocratic visions of an Absolute, as Derrida has pointed out, tend to include an Apocalyptic coda. Jack McCain rated it really liked it Jul 12, Political science International security Military policy Nuclear warfare Nuclear strategy.

Not really true, but by far the optimum way to win. Strength is conceived as the overwhelming lightningbolt or trident announcing itself unexpectedly. View all 4 comments. Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi or Maliki?

Kahn’s stated purpose in writing this book was simply: Now, just when the aging members of The nuclear Club tire of the game and even sense its obsolescence among rational players it did nothing for U. Uninformed critics could claim that Herman Kahn uses On Thermonuclear War to assert that a thermonuclear war would be conducted much like a conventional war, but perhaps with a higher number of casualties and a few long-term annoyances such as birth defects and lingering radiation.


Selected pages Title Page.

One may agree with Kahn or disagree with him on specific issues, but he clearly defined the terrain of the argument. This leads to the idea that Herman Kahn has removed the taboo nature of nuclear war and made it easier for a nation that possesses nuclear weapons to use them. How do we prevent nuclear war?

On Thermonuclear War

The strategic concepts still apply: Indeed, the folder that General Turgidson holds while reading a report on projected nuclear war casualties is titled “Global Targets in Megadeaths”.

It is easy for us to read Kahn and feel self-righteous.

Open Preview See a Problem? Widely read on both sides of the Iron Curtain —the book sold tnermonuclear, copies in hardcover [1] —it is noteworthy for its views on the lack of credibility of a purely thermonuclear deterrent and how a country could “win” a nuclear war.

Popular passages Page 3 It really is a fantastic work on understanding nuclear theory and shows that America’s current policy of Optimistic Nuclear Deterrence has flaws that would not be too difficult to remedy. Mark Keogh rated it it was amazing Dec 07, My library Help Advanced Jahn Search. Evaluate this information in light of criteria furnished by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, the Department of Defense, and other interested agencies and develop supply and demand forecasts pertaining to petroleum, petroleum products, and What really baffled the megadeth intellectuals, their thinking impelled by tacit Indo-European assumptions, was the Taoist concept of strength, based on the yielding, feminine, elusive element of thermonhclear.


Oct 23, Glenn Fain marked it as to-read. Kahn’s stated purpose in writing the book was “avoiding disaster wqr buying time, without specifying the use of this time. Herman Kahn was a renowned political scientist, economist, historian geo-strategist, and considered by many to be the founder of futurology as a serious field of study.

On Thermonuclear War – Herman Kahn – Google Books

I guess if you are interested in the thinking of a highly intelligent person who believes society can survive a nuclear war, you should read this book. Kahn, waf military analyst at Rand sinceunderstood that a defense based only on thermonuclear arnaments was inconceivable, morally questionable, and not credible.

VIII, considering potential future weapons and science developments. Feb 22, Logan rated it it was amazing Shelves: These estimates will include the type of facilities needed and available for the production, processing, storage and distribution of petroleum and petroleum products.

On Thermonuclear War | work by Kahn |

Yet, they have never really taken a hard look at belief itself, with its inherent proclivity for producing conflict. Dec 12, Robert Muir rated it liked it.

It’s a safe bet that this book is well-known in Kremlin circles. Kahn believes that one can survive a nuclear war.

Transaction PublishersDec 31, – Political Science – pages. Are we hard-wired for war? Of the book, Hubert H. It’s another safe bet that Donald Trump has not even heard of it. Views Read Edit View history.