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JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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The Ordering Authority should order for supply of all the associated units along with main equipment for installation and exploitation on board ship. In case of motor alternator, the coupling set must be direct coupled type only belt or gear driven not permitted. Automatic control of frequency be provided for frequency converter.

Nominal voltage restored within ms. hss

Information Supplied While Tendering 7 5. Such recommendations are to be commensurate with the reliability of critical components and component used in the system.

All efforts are to be made to incorporate techniques to minimize harmonic distortion and electromagnetic noise within the equipment design. Power interconnections within the utilization equipment or equipment system are excluded.

Jss 01 Template

Remote control of converter is to be fitted in control switchboard panel located in Hangar. Although transfer operation as defined herein is a normal function, it is treated separately in this standard because of the power interruption which it may produce. In hss, extended endurance testing of prototype equipment is required to be carried out before approval for their use can be granted. Testing requirements at sea shall be defined in the trial programme for each ship. Ripple amplitude is the maximum absolute value of the difference between the steady state and the instantaneous DC voltage.


It includes all system functions required for aircraft operation except during the 00251 starting of propulsion engines and the battery start of an auxiliary power unit. Converter and associated equipment is to be submitted for type testing within three months of the placement of order if not tested earlier by Director of Quality Assurance Navy.

naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Over Voltage Protection Unit. The product offered by the manufacturers should conform to Standard Engineering practices.

The frequency converter is to be brushless excitation type. Scope Page No 1 2. Dwell time up to 20 Kg: The helo starting rectifier shall be provided with a remote starting panel along with following metering facility: Details of performance tests are as follows: In view of the above the following are recommended: Compare these energy changes 1 volt means 1 joule of energy per. The voltage phase difference is the difference in electrical degrees between the fundamental components of any two phase voltages taken at consecutive zero crossings traced in the negative to positive direction.

Spares and Product Support Ripple is the variation of voltage about the steady state C voltage during js state electric system operation. Vibration levels and methods of taking measurements sjs given in clause of specification NES The format and content of documentation being provided should be as per JSS In case of replacement of any components is done in subsequent orders, the manufacturer shall inform the customer and the equipment will have to be type tested again.


The distortion spectrum quantifies AC or DC distortion in terms of the amplitude of each frequency component. Control and Protection Related Documents 2 3.

The equipment is to be designed to meet the input and output characteristics for the most adverse environmental and electric conditions. Up to 8 starts in half an hour period providing 3 minutes cooling interval between 2 engine starts and up to 6 compressor washing with 1 minute interval in half an hour are permitted.

Test Procedure Test No.

Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will have to be brought to the notice of Naval Headquarters and approval to be taken for the same. Short Circuit and Over current Protection All parameters are to be checked after 45 minutes.

The equipment shall operate under 051 following environmental conditions: Wave Form Harmonic Content.

Transients that exceed the steady state limits but remain within the specified normal transient limits are defined as normal transients. The manufacturer is required to provide the necessary representative s to assist in carrying out inspection and supervise the work that is done on the equipment, during the following phases: The layout and size of any auxiliaries are also to be shown together.

Unless otherwise specified, means are to be provided in the output of the equipment to prevent excessive voltage rise on o-load.