How was your day at school today?” This is a question that many of us ask our children each day. Jonathan. Kozol author of The Shame of The Nation main-. Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation takes the reader on a tour through schools largely in the New York and Boston areas ravaged by the effects of. In their place, Kozol offers a humane, dramatic challenge to our nation to fulfill of the most revered leaders in the black community, The Shame of the Nation pays \Jonathan Kozol is the National Book Award–winning author of Death at an.

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You have Clean things. In some ways, it almost felt like ojnathan slap in the face to all those not living in these conditions. Students are scored from Level One lowest to Level Four highestwhich places them into categories for further instruction.

The program claimed to improve reading and math skills, lower suspension rates, and improve relations with parents. Sep 05, JacobJ rated it really liked it. Learning itself, is further taught ot a ‘possession’ and not something one ‘engages’ with.

Even the appearance of the schools are poor, whether the textbooks are outdated or the school itself is falling apart.

Published August 1st by Broadway Books first published September Gross discrepancies in teacher salaries between the city and its affluent white suburbs have remained persistent too.

Kozol, skillfully contrasts these shameful conditions with those enjoyed by wealthier, usually white, children. Coming from a school that supplies well qualified teachers as well as the technology and materials necessary for me to succeed, makes it difficult for me to fully comprehend what it is like to go to school under any other circumstance.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Kozol also made the book thr entertaining by always keeping the reader on their toes.

The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol | : Books

Jonathan still visits schools to share his voice with students and does not plan on giving up kkozol students still struggle. This book challenges the notion that schools are integrated, even though Brown vs Board of Education was Did the beautifully developed infrastructure of these schools permit them to deploy large sums of money more effectively than did the schools with rotting window frames and no school libraries?

Please try again later. Art and music programs had for the most part disappeared as well.

The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America by Jonathan Kozol

I feel like if the book was not so repetitive I would have enjoyed it more. Particularly striking is the mention, very early on in the piece, of classes hushed to immediate silence by the stern gesture of a particular educator who, as Kozol described, seemed almost pleased with himself for being able to complete this task so effectively.

This argument is more fully explored in the epilogue. In his earlier books, like Amazing GraceKozol wrote that the schools of the South Bronx were stunningly segregated.

I appreciated how thoughtfully he articulated his arguments, and the subject matter deserves deep thoughts. It was an odd metaphor, I thought. Overall Kozol’s analysis presents evidence through several key cases that the courts have been either unwilling or unable to correct the issue. Views Read Edit View history.


Jonathan Kozol

He is also a reliable source because he fhe a teacher himself and not just someone off the streets who has xhame experience being in a classroom setting or not knowing about education policies and what it takes to teach.

Can you help us? Kozol uses his experiences and statistics to explain how and why inner-city schools are being forced to fail their students. As opposed to affluent families they were able to provide an education for their children. Since the early s, when the federal courts began dismantling the landmark ruling in Brown v.

Feb 28, Terry rated it it was amazing Shelves: You know you don’tI don’t like to get political, but if we would rather spend yuge amounts of money on a wall, a proposition fraught with difficulty, than solve the problems such as ones outlined in this book, there is something intrinsically wrong with kozil nation. The way the school children were so harshly treated, impacted the way I now think about isolated and segregated schools. Being a very informative story, Kozol uses a lot of pathos to make the reader feel like they need to help with the racial isolation issues going on in the South Bronx.

You have Parks and we do not have Parks.

The Shame of a Nation was very informative, especially with the integration of the statistics that Kozol emphasized.