JBCC Contract Template fot Minor Works JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc. October 10, | Author: Sarisha Harrychund | Category: General Contractor. JBCC Minor Works Agreement. Edition: Year Published: March Author: The Joint Building Contracts Committee Publisher: The Joint Building. JBCC Minor Works Agreement Contract Data Edition: Year Published: Publisher: Joint Building Contracts Committee Price: R Incl.

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If it is considered essential to make changes, users are advised that it is necessary for such changes to be drafted by qualified legal persons with extensive knowledge of the JBCC documentation and the construction industry.

The mimor rate that is applicable from time to time to registered banks when borrowing money from the Central or Reserve Bank of the country named in the contract data. The principal agent shall not preselect any of the alternatives available to the contractor The contractor shall be entitled to additional payment due to a delay aorks by: Twenty-four 24 hour days commencing at midnight Please help us to share our service with your friends.

The documentation sets out a clear, balanced and enforceable qorks of procedures, rights and obligations, which when competently managed and administered, protect the employer and contractor alike.

The contractor may appoint a competent representative to administer and control the works in his stead. The land or place on, over, under, in or through which the works is to be executed and as stated in the contract data TAX: Unauthorised reproduction of the work is an infringement of the copyright in the work.

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The ruling bank rate on the first calendar day workx each month shall be used in calculating the interest due for such month JBCC: The contractor is a small to medium enterprise The employer carries the major liabilities related to jbcd works The employer is responsible for the primary insurances related to the works This agreement is not designed or intended for use where the works: Series documents are obtainable through most regional offices of JBCC constituents as listed on the cover of the document.


Experience has shown that changes drafted by others, including members miinor the building professions, often have results very different from those intended which may be prejudicial to either or both parties Special Note Although this Minor Works Agreement is part of the JBCC Series documents it has been formulated for use specifically with its own supplementary documents.

No representations, terms, conditions or warranties not contained in this agreement shall be binding on the parties.

The contractor shall state the choice of security in his contract data, failing which he shall be deemed to have selected retention [2. Thank you for interesting in our services. Where such word or phrase is not highlighted it shall bear the meaning consistent with the context of its use.

JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc

The retention held shall include any unpaid amount due [ Where considered necessary the principal agent shall revise the final account within ten 10 working days and resubmit such final account to the contractor The form of guarantee provided by the employer or contractor, as stated in the contract data, from which a party may recover expense and loss in the event of default SITE: No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the Joint Building Contracts Committee.

The contractor shall report the cause and effect of such delay and the working days claimed to the principal agent at the next meeting held [6.

Thus done and signed at on Name of signatory Capacity of signatory for and on behalf of the employer who by signature hereof warrants authorisation hereto Signed as Witness 1 Thus done and signed at Name of signatory on for and on behalf of the jcc who by signature hereof warrants authorisation hereto Capacity worrks signatory Signed as Witness 2 Details of Witness 1 Details of Witness 2 Name: The JBCC supplies printed documents exclusively to constituents and does not sell direct to users.

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Worls applicable the principal agent shall treat such correction as an adjustment [ Failure to agree the value shall not relieve the contractor of his responsibility to comply with the contract instruction In pursuance of the objective the parties undertake to carry out their reciprocal obligations 1.

JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc – Free Download PDF

minir Persons entering into or preparing contracts using the JBCC Minor Works Agreement are warned of the dangers inherent in modifying any part thereof. Such change shall be deemed to be a contract instruction 7. Such liability shall not exceed the insurance deductible stated in the contract data in any particular instance 4. The edition of the Summary Procedure Rules for the Conduct of Arbitrations, published by the Association of Arbitrators Southern Africa and current when the dispute is declared, shall apply The employer may employ others [5.

Such contract minutes shall be issued to the employer and the contractor for action. The word or phrase of a definition is highlighted in the text and shall bear the meaning assigned to it in this 1.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Size px x x x x Should the contractor fail to submit such an analysis the principal agent shall prepare the analysis