VIRTUOUS WAR: Mapping the Military-Industrial Media-Entertainment Network. James Der Derian, Author, James Der Derian, Author. Westview $26 (p). Book review: James Der Derian Virtuous War: Mapping the Military—Industrial— Media—Entertainment Network, 2nd edn London: Routledge, pp. James Der Derian’s timely book adds to the debate by exploring the role technology can play in fighting ‘virtuous wars’ with fewer casualties.

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That perspective fails to engage really with the domestic political dynamics, strategic dysfunctions, and rerian all else t This is an interesting book for anyone looking at the synergy between war, entertainment, and media. Derian reiterates his jwmes throughout the book, but adopts a unique approach to advancing his argument. Return to Book Page.

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Virtuous War: Mapping The Military- Industrial-media-entertainment Network by James Der Derian

Jack rated it it was ok Jan 28, Fahd rated it really liked it Nov 01, Dan O’Meara rated it really liked it May 21, Some books are great, some are so-so, some are disappointing – this is a case of “four hours of my life gone, gone!

Worryingly the result of virtual wqr is anything other than virtual; machines kill real people in an ever more abstract type of killing which has the unfortunate effect wwar reducing the consequences in the eyes of those conducting the war through virtual means.


Der Derian paints an alarming picture of wars of simulation conducted through retooled video games engines in order to create a more ‘humane’ war machine.

Readers who are well acquainted with the international relations field will likely see Virtuous War as novel more for its twist on the genre than for any contribution of new scholarship. On top of the other problems, this presents itself as a canny look ahead into the future of warfare, but it was written in mid and totally bought into the Rumsfeldian fascination with gee-whiz tech, utterly failing to anticipate things like fundamentalists with box cutters and insurgents with beat-up old AKs, RPGs, and tank-wrecking jury-rigged IEDs who can’t be tracked or fought by satellites and computers and lasers.

The end of the last millennium was a challenging period for the international relations discipline.

E-IR is an independent non-profit publisher run by an all volunteer team. After discussing how famed “mud soldier” General Schwarzkopf was the first “cyberpunk general,” using computer war games to plan U. Leading the way, as the dominant actor in global politics, is the United States, whose diplomatic and military policies are now based on technological and representational forms of discipline, deterrence, and compellence that could best be described as virtuous war.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. The first book I deriab read that applies postmodern theory to a specific context and both makes sense and seemed to have a real-world application, rather than just theoretical ramblings.

Routledge, Second Edition, The end of the last millennium was a challenging period for the international relations discipline. Please Consider Donating Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open access publishing.


Review – Virtuous War

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Strategic discourse and the use of force in the twentieth century have become increasingly virtual.

Open Preview See a Problem? I searched the index in vain, in case I’d missed it, for any mention of guerrilla warfare, irregular warfare, fundamentalism, terrorism, insurgency, etc.

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This article is also available viirtuous rental through DeepDyve. Joseph Holihan rated it liked it Mar 11, The Best Books of Routledge, Second Edition, Enabled by smart technologies yet constrained by political and humanitarian imperatives, a new form of high-tech, low-risk warfare is emerging, Virtuous War.

Tuncer Beyribey rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Shon rated wr really liked it Aug 19, Martin rated it it was amazing Oct 13, As a result, readers are unlikely to see Der Derian or his work as a theory through which to understand international politics and the relationship between technology and wr force or have their value propositions altered.

Relevance and Theoretical Contribution. Picking up cultural theorist Walter Benjamin’s concern about the social impact of a “new and incestuous relationship between mass politics and the mass means of reproduction,” Derian explores a wide range of theories and their applications.

This is an interesting book for anyone looking at the synergy between war, entertainment, and media.