Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with The Vatican & the Holocaust: A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews To the Sacred College of Cardinals Pius XII wrote on June 2, “Every word that The name was created from the first letter of the German name Geheime Staats Polizei. Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration: Essays in Honor of Roland K. Harrison, ed. by. Avraham Gileadi. . d’angdlologie a propos de Testament de Juda 25,2,’ by Andre Caquot (pp. );. “Lutilisation des .. () ; “The Upside- Down Tree on the Vatican Hill” (pp. ) = . ); “Het ‘geheime Markus evangelie’. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican.

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To have done what was asked of them would have prolonged the war. The Pope protested strongly, and no further raids occurred; further, though the sheltered groups included many non-Jewish refugees, there was not a single case of betrayal.

The Polish cardinal, Prince Sapieha, begged Pius XII not to make public protests, as they only increased the persecution of his people.

Helped by priests and nuns, he and the bishops sheltered several thousand Jews, distributed false papers, and provided information, clothing, and food; Laszlo Endre, the Undersecretary geheimvaitkan the Interior in the Nazi government, said testily that as far as aid to the Jews is concerned, priests and clergy men. The work produced intense discussion among scholars of European history and historians of the Catholic Church.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim | Middle East Eye

He memorized a part of Pius’ conversation, and repeats it with emotion today:. But there are no signs of such a thing happening in the near-term. Note 41 Quoted in Tablet LondonMarch 16, Following the visit, the Archbishop presented a ten-point request to Rado Lecca, the government official in charge of Jewish affairs, to alleviate the misery in the camps; by June,Rabbi Safran was able to report to him that conditions had improved noticeably as a result.

His The Popes Against the Jews, published inwas subsequently described as “one of the most critically acclaimed and contentious books of its genre and generation. Because of his close contact with Romania’s Chief Rabbi Safran throughout the war, Archbishop Cassulo kept himself and the Vatican informed about the condition of Romanian Jews, especially those interned in concentration camps beyond the Dnieper. Note 55 Evening Union Leader, June 29, Herman Datyner, a distinguished urologist.

Pope defends right hand man Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. However, the law will have a more significant, more lasting impact as it enshrines a two-tiered system of rights in a basic law.


After the war Rabbi Herzog sent “a special blessing” to the Pope for “his lifesaving efforts on behalf of the Jews during the Nazi occupation of Italy,” through the intermediary of Harry Greenstein, now executive director of the Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore. Late in June,the Vatican radio warned the French people, He who makes a distinction between Jews and other men is unfaithful to God and is in conflict with God’s commands. By mid, when only the Jews of Budapest had been temporarily spared in blood-soaked Hungary, another beloved Catholic figure had thrown his weight to the wheel, increasing the distribution of the baptismal certificates many times over; this was Pius XII’s close friend and successor, Archbishop Roncalli, the late Pope John XXIII.

By Nick SquiresRome. On July 26, the bishops joined with representatives of almost all other religious communities to denounce the Nazis’ lawless measures, but the response, as we have seen, was mass arrests of Catholics and Jews, among them Dr. The action taken to help the Jews in Hungary was manifold. Message Urging a Charitable Peace.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim

He first established contact with Jews scattered all over Italy to prepare for possible emigration, and then, with the uninterrupted assistance of the Vatican, tackled the mountain of practical problems facing his enterprise. Note 38 See, among many other sources, ibid. The Jews are our brethren.

The experience We had in with documents which We released for distribution to the faithful gives justification, as far as We can see, for Our attitude.

In the latest twist in a scandal which has convulsed the papacy of Benedict XVI, Mr Tedeschi reportedly gave copies of the documents to his closest confidantes and told them: Must-reads from across Asia – directly to your inbox. Under the urging of the Vatican, the Slovak government protested the Nazis’ familiar brutality toward the Jews, but to no avail.

I suffered a great deal. Instead of being treated as strangers, they should be welcomed as friends. On the contrary, the German government would have sufficient effective propaganda material as well as retaliatory measures at its disposal to counteract each attempted move by the Vatican.

American Academy in Rome. Note 19 Quoted in Cavalli, op. Retrieved April 7, David Israel Kertzer born February 20, is an American anthropologisthistorianand academic leader specializing in the political, demographic, and religious history of Italy.

Note 16 Quoted in Duclos, op. Note 60 Tablet BrooklynMarch 21, The principal accuser, in terms of publicity at least, does not present very convincing geheimvatikzn, though he states his case persuasively.

Ex-head of Vatican bank has archive on senior Italian and Church figures

A week later the priests of the diocese of Montauban read to their congregations a letter from their bishop, Pierre-Marie Theas:. On September 27,one of the commanders demanded of the Jewish community in Rome payment of pounds of gold in 36 hours, failing which Jews would be taken prisoner.


As Frederic wrote in his confidential report to the German Foreign Office datelined Berlin, September 19,his meeting in Lwow with geheimgatikan Ukrainian leaders and Metropolitan Sheptytsky was far from heartening; the Metropolitan remained adamant in saying that the killing of Jews was an inadmissible act, and Frederic comments, In this issue the Metropolitan made the same statements and even used the same phrasing as the French, Belgian, and Dutch bishops, as if all of them were receiving the same instructions from the Vatican.

The history of Vatican intervention in Nazi cruelties to the Jews dates back to April, geheimvatikab, when Pope Pius XI sent an urgent request to the then new Hitler government not to let itself be influenced by anti-Semitic aims.

Note 42 Quoted in Adolph, op.

This would be advisable if the danger of retaliatory and coercive measures would be imminent in cases of public statements by the bishop. Note 58 Tablet BrooklynMarch 21, Not even institutions of worldwide importance, such as the International Red Cross or the Roman Catholic Church saw fit to appeal to Hitler in a general way on behalf of the Jews or to call openly on the sympathies of the world.

I am geheimvaatikan, truly sorry, about the loss of your family. Many Jewish citizens, expelled from government, scientific, and teaching positions, were invited to the Vatican; the president and two professors from the University of Rome and a famous geographer, all Jews ousted by the Fascists, received important positions in Vatican City. In the realm of material help for refugees, Pius XII’s program under the direction of Father Anton Weber was perhaps the broadest in scope of any of the Pope’s special aid operations.

Until such a ruling was made in a Nazi-controlled country, however, a Jew who could prove himself a member of the Catholic Church could usually use the evidence of that membership-a baptismal certificate as a safe-conduct paper to leave the country. Following instructions from the Geheimvvatikan See, the Apostolic Nunciature in Budapest has repeatedly intervened with the Hungarian authorities so that violent and unjust measures would not be taken against the Jews in that country.