Synonyms: IRGANOX ;IRGANOX WL;Einecs ; ANTIOXIDANT ;ylester,calciumsalt();ANTIOXIDANT (IRGANOX );calciuM. Irganox® Recommended use of the chemical and restriction on use. Recommended use*: stabilizer. Unsuitable for use: This material is. Used as an antioxidant for polypropylene fibers. Offers good processing stability. Provides very high extraction resistance and extreme low volatility.

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The amounts and the results obtained are set forth in Table 3. A further preferred form comprises the polyester recyclates originating from domestic and industrial waste or from useful material collections, from production waste or from obligatory retumables. Esters of 3,5-di-tert-butylhvdroxyphenyl acetic acid with mono- or polyhydric alcohols, e. Preferably n is 1 or 2 and, most preferably, 1.

Acylaminophenols- for example 4-hydroxylauranilide, 4-hydroxystearanilide, octyl N- 3,5-di-tert-butylhydroxyphenyl carbamate. Other preferred light stabilisers are aromatic phosphites or phosphonites. Liquid phase polyols which are alkylene oxide adducts of terephthalic esters from recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

AT Free format text: Fillers and reinforcing agents, for example, calcium carbonate, silicates, glass fibres, talc, kaolin, mica, barium sulfate, metal oxides and hydroxides, carbon black, graphite.

Suitable polyesters of hydroxycarboxylic acids typically include polycaprolactone, polypivalolactone or the polyesters of 4-hydroxycyclohexanecarboxylic acid or 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, 5-hydroxynaphthalene-l-carboxylic acid, 6-hydroxynaphtha- lenecarboxylic acid. The amount of tetracarboxylic anhydride and sterically hindered hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half -ester will depend on the initial molecular weight of the polymer and on the desired final molecular weight.

The mechanical and physical properties depend essentially on the molecular weight of the polymer.

Antioxidant 1425

A further group of suitable aliphatic diols comprises the heterocyclic diols disclosed in. After 10 minutes the polymer mixture is sufficiently fused to be stirrable. R’ and R” in this formula may be alkyl of 1 to 6 carbon atoms, halogen such as chloro or bromo and, ifganox, hydrogen atoms. A process according to claim 1, wherein the polyesters, polyester copolymers or polyester blends are polyester recyclates recovered from domestic waste, industrial irgxnox or useful material collections, production waste or obligatory retumables.


Calcium bis[monoethyl(3,5-di-tert-butylhydroxylbenzyl)phosphonate] |

The alkylene diols are preferably linear and preferably contain 2 to 4 carbon atoms. Safe Trade Tips Ask 145 business references and check them Use a payment method that offers better irgannox for all such as Letters of credit and verified professional escrow services. These recyclates may furthermore contain standard impurities such as dye residues, paint residues, metal traces, fuel residues or inorganic salts. If the polyesters are based on at least two monomers, said monomers can be randomly distributed, or they may be block polymers.

Polyesters as exemplified by polyethylene terephthalate PET and polybutylene terephthalate PBTas well as polyester copolymers and polyester blends with e.

IRGANOX WL – SpectraBase

AT Date of ref document: Table 3 relating to Irgahox of this invention addition of tetracarboxylic dianhydride and hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half -ester shows a marked increase in intrinsic viscosity, thereby indicating an increase in molecular weight. In case of R being an alkanetetrayl itganox, the tetracarboxylic dianhydride may be such as butane- 1 ,2,3,4-tetracarboxylic dianhydride.

Ieganox Irganox Photos Catalog. The PET bottle materials originating from different manufacturers comprise polyethylene terephthalate and also copolymers of different structure and composition, but with a preponderant content of PET structures. Suitable cycloaliphatic dicarboxylic acids are: The procedure of Examples is repeated, but kneading the individual samples for 15 minutes. The most preferred polyester is the amorphous PET used for the manufacture of blow-moulded bottles.


BE Free format text: DE Free format text: DE Ref legal event code: In the case of amorphous polyesters, the process is carried out in the range from c.

Chlorinated polyethylene or ethylenevinyl acetate copolymers are also suitable co-compatibilisers, although it naturally depends on the particular composition of the recyclate. Suitable substituents of the phenyl or irganix radicals are typically groups. CH Free format text: In particular, light stabilisers or also antioxidants can be added “Plastics Additives Handbook”, Ed. In addition to e.

SE Free format text: It is therefore the object of this invention to provide a process that makes it possible to increase the molecular weight of polyesters, especially PET, in a relatively short time. Compounds in which R! Dicarboxylic acids that contain N-heterocyclic rings are also suitable, for example those that are derived from carboxyalkylated, carboxyphenyla- ted or carboxybenzylated monoamine-s-triazinedicarboxylic acids q.

Illustrative examples of cycloalkylidene are cyclopentylidene, cyclohexylidene, cycloheptylidene and cyclooctylidene.

Impact-modified thermoplastics resin molding compositions and articles molded therefrom. Illustrative examples Of bisphenols are: But if only a low increase in molecular weight is desired, then it is preferred to use a tetracarboxylic anhydride and a phenol in low concentration. Fakirov, Kunststoffe 74and R.