Construction. Iometer consists of two program components: Iometer GUI is a control program with a user interface, which controls one or. I was working on some documentation for a client and started thinking back on how long we have been using IOMeter — my best guess is since. Iometer started life as a utility built by Intel to generate and measure i/o loads. It was released by them under the Intel Open Source License.

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Stop any tests and close Iometer. Then click the stop sign.

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The Results Press the green flag button to begin tests. So for testing this type of server, we might select an access specification that performs percent read operations with zero-percent randomness.

You can often find your exact model and compare results. I like to visit the Results Display tab first, though, and tweak the settings so I can watch the measurements: Then click OK to yield the following: Doing so will present a “Save As” dialog box with the file name “Results” already entered.

To see how your system is performing in realtime, click the “Results Display” tab and move the “Update Frequency” slider above, right all the way to the left. This spec includes all block sizes at varying levels of randomness and can provide a good baseline for server comparison. I need one more detail. Just click OK unless you need to change it. Dynamo is available for the following systems.

Your feedback is welcome Printable version. Do not close it. The screen above shows the “All in One” spec that’s included with IOmeter. Subscribe to the Thomas-Krenn newsletter now. All of them will run at the same time when you start the test. A good write-up about Iometer and simulating various server workloads is available on the VMware Communities Forum. Is there a way to stop the test automatically when there is a IO error.


Thanks for the info. Homepage This page’s url is: Views View View source History. Western Gateway Sculpture Park. Several instances of Dynamo may be running at the same time. Unless the name was changed, the new specs will appear with the words “Copy Of” appended to the front of the original name. The first time IOMeter runs it generates this file, so the actual test is delayed until the file is ready.

This is the point where I was confused at first, so pay attention. It then returns this performance data to Iometer. You will be prompted to choose a location for the results.

If the defaults are used from the. Only one instance of Iometer should be running at any one time.

There is so much to gain by doing so. This will set the update frequency to 1 second.

Click Next and you can then choose where to install it. The thread is still active although you are redirect to a tutoril thread branch here. At Risk for an Oracle Audit? Once the titorial is found, it should be fixed for the remainder of testing while block size and other access specification settings are varied. Access specifications determine the size of the data blocks used in testing and the randomness of IOmeter’s access to those blocks.


The file and user forum are available at http: Click I Agree to iomteer to the first screen. If you want to throw more IOPs at your storage, you can add multiple worker processes under the main manager process.

In the list of “Global Iomete Specifications” above, rightIOmeter includes such an access specification for each of several block sizes, the largest of which is 32 KB. It is a great tool. Select Open and go to the OpenPerformanceTest. Open link in a new tab.

Iometer – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

If the server under test is to be used for mixed data and user types, then we recommend an access specification that includes at least 50 percent random access. We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours. Obviously a model is not the only determining factor in throughput, but it gives administrators a really good way to determine if performance is where it should be. Traffic on the current site is heavy and is expected to double in a year.

Subsequent tests on the same drive use the existing file, so a new file is not generated.

Program Files x86 I…opened with Iometer is displayed. Click Install, then Finish in the resulting dialog to complete the process: The program does this automatically, but it can take considerable time to fill up large volumes.