When Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award winner Michael Reaves teamed up, they created the bestselling YA novel InterWorld. InterWorld. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. A lad discovers that he can walk between alternate Interworld (Interworld, Book 1) – Kindle edition by Neil Gaiman, Reaves. Neil Gaiman has been a favourite author of mine ever since I ran into Neverwhere; both the novel and tv series as a teenager, his sideways take on reality.

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All I could think of was: This book got me thinking and I was surprised at how quickly Neil put Joey into trouble and it felt like there was no escape. Joey then opened a portal to the In-Betweena multidimensional world, where only Walkers and MDLF multidimensional life forms, or mudluffs beings could enter. This wasn’t the usual Gaiman fare, it’s a sci-fi tale about a young man named Joey Interworlc who discovers he’s a “walker.

So far, the only known Walkers are Joseph Harker and all of his alternate counterparts. Multiverse novel involving worlds of magic, science, and in between [s] 7 68 Nov 26, Did I say Human? InterWorld series Neil Gaiman: He discovers that there are two forces vying for control of all the worlds: Originally neli an idea for a possible television series, InterWorld ended up being nsil novel that was not shown until Still, given an infinite number of possible worlds, it must be true on one of them.

Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Makes you wonder what everyone else is up to. More about Neil Gaiman Science fiction is not usually Neil Gaiman’s forte, but I doubt many would suspect gximan after reading Interworld.


It’s always the window dressing that makes a hero’s journey worthwhile. And interworrld a story set in an infinite number of possible worlds is true in one of them, then it must be true in all of them.

And there’s the best part of the whole book: Interworld is the coming-of-age story of a boy finding himself, quite literally.

The group soon set out on another mission.

InterWorld (series) – Wikipedia

There is an explanation, framed as an author’s note, explaining how thi It pains me to give this book three stars. Away from magic; away from the Dead. They speak different languages and come from different countries thousands of miles apart, but they do not know that. Gaiman interworlv Reeves had an idea they had tossed back and forth for years.

The main character is shallow which is really unlike anything I have ever read from Gaiman. I have as noted elsewhere found myself reading more and more YA type books over the last few years.

Interworld by Neil Gaiman- review

I listened to the audio book, read by Christopher Evan Welch, who did a pretty good job. After some time, while blowing bubbles with his little brother, Joey remembers Hue, and every memory about the Altiverse comes back to him. This is not high literature. The mudluff kills the serpent but Jay was already dying.

Mar 29, Kimberley doruyter rated it liked it. Granted, he doesn’t quite abandon his use of mysticism and, in my opinion, it’s one more thread adding to a rich tapestry of story weaving. Like with Coraline, Gaiman is appealing to a younger audience than the one he usually writes for. yaiman


Neil’s Work | Books | InterWorld

Nov 10, Rezza Dwi rated it really liked it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about InterWorldplease sign up. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata.

While I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for a 9 to 12 year old to enjoy Interworld in fact, I think they would like it a lotI think it’s one of those books that a parent should consider their child’s reading level before blindly buying. Perhaps that it was obviously written to be a series?

Gaiman and Reaves began working on the idea for Interworld in wishing to make it a television adventure, but the idea was not received well, so they decided to write it down in novel form but was still never picked up. Sep 29, Fuad Al Fidah rated it liked it. They all served to prove that a Neil Gaiman idea could not turn into a Neil Gaiman story unless Gaiman himself wrote the words.

The idea of InterWorld surged onwhen Reeves was developing an animated series for DreamWorks while Gaiman was in London, working in the television series Neverwhere. He ran outside and met a man wearing a mirrored mask. Although I’m well over the recommended reading age, I can honestly say this was an entertaining, fanciful read for me with sincere characterization and genuine suspense.