Das, an Indian venture capitalist and columnist for the Times of India (and former CEO of Procter & Gamble India), uses his own experiences as a businessman. The nation’s rise is one of the great international stories of the late twentieth century, and in India Unbound the acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das offers a. India Unbound (PB) by Gurcharan Das from Only Genuine Products . 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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But once I started to read the book, I was so impressed by the way Das explained the economics of India in rather simple words. The post independence economic policy followed the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru is dax in nature which gives all the control over the industry to the public sector.

India Unbound

It is just a casual read book still invokes interest in social sciences and creates curiosity to know India’s journey so far. I could only conclude that it must be difficult for one man to take on the challenge of elucidating all four. He gives example of war between Puru and Alexander.

Even now because of poor policies its difficult ondia the country progress inspite of high investments. Do give it a read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It will never have speed, but it will always stamina” Well!!!!!

Birla family helped Gandhi and Nehru financially in the independence movement but late they were prosecuted in the parliment because it was perceived as profit making and labour exploiting corporation.

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The book often diverts its attention to societal analysis, governance and sometimes even management advice, but somehow all of it manages to gurcahran well with the overall narrative. Those two books instilled in me a huge respect for Nehru for preserving democracy and free speech in our country when all the socialist oriented nations were paradoxically killing social liberalism.

Nehru gutcharan his planners did not trust Indian private entrepreneurs, So they made the state the entrepreneur. Oct 07, Anurag Chilukuri rated it really liked it. He weaves his personal story into the larger context of contemporary history: Das later gets into the way India progressed in late 90s and early 21st century under the IT revolution.

India Unbound excels when Das describes his and other industrialists’ maddening experiences under the so-called License Raj, when any product launch or expansion needed state approval Gurcharan Das is a columnist for the Times of India and other newspapers, and is the author of three plays and a novel.

Das shows how India’s policies after condemned the nation to a hobbled economy untilwhen the government instituted sweeping reforms that paved the way for extraordinary growth. In combining democracy with socialism the Indian state quickly degenerated into a license-raj and a massive bureaucracy which lead to corruption and suppression of millions of aspiring entrepreneurs. Throughout the book,the reforms of are stressed on a lot and the book can be divided into before an A very detailed account of the transformation of india over the 60 years of independence.

Certified BuyerYurcharan.

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age

The productivity was also poor due to these reasons a This book was a birthday gift from my daughter!! Das traces these developments and tells the stories of the major players from Nehru through today. In fact, he compares it with the responses of neighbouring Asian Tigers Taiwan, Korea, Singapore etc. This was suggested to me by a friend when i shared my enthusiasm about reading India after gandhi grcharan a work on Nehru by Walter Crocker. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


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India Unbound – Wikipedia

The thesis of the book can be summarized as follows: Gurcharan Das studied philosophy at Harvard University and later attended Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme where he is featured in three case studies. Retrieved from ” https: Stay in Touch Sign up. Nov 10, Akhil Parekh rated it really liked it. This book has given a glimpse onto economic conditions of india while the other two were much more oriented towards political and foreign policies of independent in This was suggested to me by a friend when i shared my enthusiasm about reading India after gandhi and a work on Nehru by Walter Crocker.

Wonderfully explains the rot the Indian bureaucracy has caused to the country.