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INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. First edition. Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) –. General requirements, tests and test conditions –. IEC ELECTRICITY METERING EQUIPMENT (A.C.) – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, TESTS AND TEST CONDITIONS – PART METERING. Buy IEC Ed. Electricity metering equipment (AC) – General requirements, tests and test conditions Part Metering equipment from SAI Global.

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The pulse transition time rise time or fall time is the time of transition from one state to the other state, including transient effects.

If such small parts are accessible by the standard test finger as specified in IEC from outside the case, then they shall be additionally isolated from live parts by supplementary insulation against failure of basic insulation or loosening of live parts. When 6252 meter is not energized, the electronic display need not be visible. Enter the exact number of the standard: For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced 6205 including any amendments applies.

Metering equipment This English-language version is derived from the original bilingual publication by leaving out all French-language pages.

Outdoor meters shall withstand solar radiation. In this case, the adjustment of the amplifier must be controlled by a field sensor. To make sure that we continue to meet your needs, your feedback is essential. For electromechanical registers, register markings shall be indelible and easily readable.

Surge immunity test IEC Q2 Please tell us in what capacity ies you bought the standard tick all that apply. Test procedure in accordance with IEC The active tariff rate shall be indicated. Reference number IEC The distance of the optical pulse output from further adjacent ones or from an optical status display shall be sufficiently long that the transmission is not affected.


Electrostatic discharge immunity test. For polyphase meters, this diagram shall also show the phase sequence for which the meter is iecc.

After the test, the meter shall show no damage and shall operate correctly. Testing and measurement techniques — Section For combined temperature and humidity test, see 6. When the terminal arrangements differ, all the dielectric strength tests shall be carried out for each arrangement.

The neutral terminal of the meter under test is disconnected from the ground terminal of the meter test equipment MTE and is connected to the MTE’s line terminal at which the earth fault has to 6052 simulated see Annex C. Standard symbols may also be used see IEC A recommended test sequence is given in Annex F.

For example, edition numbers 1. If the instrument transformers are taken into account in the meter constant, the transformer ratio s shall be marked. NOTE The type is represented by the sample meter s intended for the type tests, whose characteristics reference current and reference voltage are chosen from the values given in the tables proposed by the manufacturer.

When displaying the memory, the identification of each tariff applied shall be possible and, for automatic sequencing displays, each display of register for billing purposes shall be retained for a minimum of 5 s.


Types of electrical measuring instruments — Part Where the terminal cover makes it possible, the conductive foil shall approach jec terminals and the holes for the conductors within a distance of not more than 2 cm.

The register shall be able to record and display, starting from zero, for 6252 minimum of 1 h, oec energy corresponding to maximum current at reference voltage and unity power factor. Meters are designated by the manufacturer by one or more groups of letters or numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers. The terminal cover shall enclose the actual terminals, the conductor fixing screws and, unless otherwise specified, a suitable length of the external conductors and their insulation.


All parts of each terminal shall be such that the risk of corrosion resulting from contact with any other metal part is minimized.

The terminals of the circuits which are not subjected to impulse voltage shall be connected to earth. NOTE 1 Longer retention time of the non-volatile memory should be the subject of a purchase contract. For testing purposes, the register of the electricity meter shall have a resolution of at least 0,01 units. An optimum pulse transmission 2 is achieved when, under test conditions, the receiving head is aligned with its optical axis on the optical pulse output.

Tests — Test Db and guidance: All parts intended to be earthed shall be earthed.

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When the meter is operated from a current transformer s idc, attention is drawn to the need to match the current range of the meter in relation to that of the secondary of the current transformer s. Tests — Tests B: Thus, when the voltage and the current circuits of a measuring element are connected together in normal use, the test shall be made on the whole.

Information on the subjects under consideration and work in progress undertaken by the technical committee which has prepared this publication, as well as the list of publications issued, is also available from the following: It may comprise several layers which cannot be tested singly as supplementary or basic insulation.

Modulated and unmodulated output pulses are permitted.