In this video we demonstrate how to make a bullwhip out of cord, referencing this full tutorial by Nick’s Whip Shop. Try your hand at making paracord bullwh. Adam Fieldson of WhipWorks makes beautiful bull whips by weaving nylon paracord. Here, he walks us through the painstaking process of making one of his. This is a 16 plait, 4 foot bullwhip I made out of paracord for a friend of a friend who will be using it in a circus performance. This is probably.

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It’s actually a bit longer than 4 feet though, because the handle isn’t counted in the measurement.

Nylon Bullwhip: Equestrian | eBay

With twisting seams, portions of the plaiting will appear tighter than nylpn, resulting in discrepancies. I keep using it because it’s cheap, you can get a ridiculous amount of colors, and from a whip use perspective, it’s basically indestructible compared to leather.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Let me know if anything is unclear. A metre bull chain 3.

A lighter Your choice 4. Thu Apr 13, 1: This is around my tenth whip or so, and only my Lots of other whipmakers use standard BB’s, I use stainless steel tumbling media which is basically fancy BB’s for industrial polishing, but they are denser and smoother than actual BB’s, so they are better in use, and during the shotloading process.


Ah, I see, didn’t know that much about whip making. Nylon Bullwhip Refine Results. They might be more effective in a situation where there is a follow spot on the performer. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. I somehow lost my leather whip I bought for 25 cent at a garage sale.

With this in mind i thought if whipmakers were paid by the hour including prep time,instead of the finished product,they would be much more expensive. There is an advantage to this as you can taper the leather as you cut it, so leather whips can end up with much smoother tapers than nylon, and that’s important for how the whip throws and cracks. Following are some simple tips on developing tighter plaiting in whipmaking, with emphasis on working with nylon whips.

Easy Paracord Bullwhip Tutorial –

Having made my first whip, I was ready for my secondan 8 foot bullwhip. This is probably around the 10th whip I’ve made, mostly based off of different Youtube whipmaking tutorial videos, but I have found my own style of plaiting, i.


You attach the cord to the rod. Hi guys, welcome to VBuilds. I did grind down the transition end of the tube so that it tapered to the shot loaded portion of the core strand. Thu Apr 13, 3: Concentrate on a small section at a time, such as three inches. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The paracord used in nylon whipmaking is a predetermined width. You start with a metal rod and some extension cord wire You attach the cord to the rod.

Easy Paracord Bullwhip Tutorial

Or is it that you thread optical fibers through the whip and hos LEDs down it from the handle? Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

It is also perfect for very fast Wed Apr 12, The finished bullwhip – 4. Then, I started making a bullwhip. Tue Apr 11, 8: