Looking for a Honeywell CMTA Programmable Thermostat? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch or have it. Installation Guide. CM / CM Wireless Programmable. Room Thermostat & BDR91 Relay Box. Description. The Honeywell CM Wireless (CM or. Honeywell CM In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. There’s something about resetting the programmes on page 13 of the manual?.

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Will the CMT work using the existing transmitter. We are not currently recommending the CM due to quality issues.

I already have the controller for CM but need a new receiver, can I buy one of these separately or do I need to buy the whole thing again?? Description Reviews 7 Questions? The radiators in the 3rd zone are permanently on. You can download it from the downloads tab. Enter the code in the box below: I have just moved house and the instruction booklet is not available.

Used for general purpose control of boiler, zone values, circulation pumps, thermal actuators, electric heaters, heat pumps, etc. If the light on the receiver is staying on, then it is likely to be a communication fault. The optimisation feature – it learns how quickly your system heats to set temperature and adjusts on time acccording to how cold the house is – works very well.

You will need to replace it. The Siemens receiver will connect to the same 4 wires. No, it only controls heating. Do I need the stat and receiver unit or just stat? I’m afraid not as the CM is battery powered, but the receiver is mains powered, so you will need a mains connection. It will be installed, and wired to, the receiver for that zone.


Honeywell CM Manuals

The Honeywell receiver will connect to the same wires as the BR1 receiver. Replacing with another make such as the Siemens REVRF would be what I would recommend currently, although it would mean changing the receiver. Gadget itself paid for itself in a year as it is very efficient at calling for just enough heat to warm the house. We use cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible. Currently have Honeywell B wireless room stat and receiver.

The controller is currently hard wired, 2 wires to the base box. To do so you will need to add a mains feed as the CM is battery powered and the receiver is mains powered.

RF Chronotherm with extended feature set and slim ultra-modern design CM927, CM921

Yes you can buy the receiver. To further improve mqnual ease of use and assist installation this product includes an extra large LCD display with backlighting, a dynamic text display and an ‘OK’ button. Image Description Product Type Downloads. I already have the system, but need to replace a damaged thermo.

Honeywell | English

Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews. Pity, as the unit itself functions well.

honetwell I would leave the existing programmer which is outside the building with the boiler on 24hours A: Building Management Systems Inverters. The controller only is available here: Do you recommend any other make? I am re-newing an existing CM, will it work immediately or manua I need to tune it in many thanks A: Its only 3 years old but the display is breaking up and failing, makes it near impossible to programme etc.


Does the CM already include any of the additional features required for Boiler Plus like Load compensation? It will only control your heating, not your hot water.

I’ve got a CM, however when I put the slide to the off position, the radiators are still warming up even though the room temperature is over 19degC Please help A: Generally a first class product, just waiting for the next generation connecting to a phone app. What do I do? Hydronic Balancing Protecting the Heating System. Display segments started to go out one by one at about 2 years old so I contacted Honeywell who agreed to replace it if I had proof of purchase and professional installation.

Will the CM operate more than one zone valve for heating purposes? Thanks very much for your advice. Hi will this work with a Main Combi 30HE boiler. I have a new Honeywell wireless thermostat. Recommended, despite the problems I had. If this hoenywell not a similar replacement then what is?

It has a fault – it only takes 30 seconds to add a minute to the time, so it goes from 9am to 10 am in 30 minutes! I’m afraid they are not repairable units. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Can I replace the thermostat with a CMT unit, rebinding as necessary to give me time control.

Can I get it repaired or can I buy a new controller without replacing the receiver unit? Will I just be able to take off the existing receiver and put this one in its place?