Histoid leprosy is a skin condition, a rare form of multibacillary leprosy See also[edit]. Leprosy · Skin lesion. References[edit]. ^ James, William D.; Berger. Histoid leprosy, an uncommon variant of lepromatous leprosy, develops usually as relapse in lepromatous patients who are on dapsone. Summary Histoid leprosy is a rare multibacillary form that presents with disseminated papule-nodular cutaneous lesions. To study the inflammatory infiltrate.

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Open in a separate window. Clinical examination revealed multiple discrete, skin-colored, shiny cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules over the trunk and limbs. Herein, we present a case of a 37 year old male who presented with skin coloured raised lesions mainly over the trunk, chest, neck and ears in contrast to its usual site of presentation, associated with tingling sensation over the hands and feet.

The authors would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Early diagnosis and complete treatment is very important to achieve our goal of elimination of leprosy. Hematological findings were normal except for mild leukocytosis.

It is considered by some as a variant of lepromatous leprosy and by others as a distinct clinical entity. It is so-called because the microscopic appearance of the nodule shows spindle-shaped cells resembling those in a dermatofibroma. Curcumin could prevent methemoglobinemia induced by dapsone in rats. Support Center Support Center.


Clinically it is characterized by multiple discrete shiny, smooth, painless, succulent, globular, protuberant, firm, skin colored to yellow brown, histoiid, and, or subcutaneous nodules, papules, and plaques, on apparently normal skin. No family history and contact history with known case of leprosy.

These bacilli were longer than the normal bacilli, scattered singly as yistoid as arranged in clusters. Open in a separate window. Although rarely, but it is known to occur at age of ten years or youngerand as old as 84years [ 1 ]. Abstract Histoid leprosy is rare type of lepromatous leprosy characterized by unique clinical, histopathological, and microbiological features.

Histooid lepromas are sudden eruption of dome shaped lesions usually associated with dapsone resistance, as a variant of lepromatous leprosy or rarely arising de novo.

An increase in both cell-mediated and humoral immunity against Mycobacterium lepraeas in lepromatous leprosy, has been hypothesized. A fresh focus on histoid leprosy is the primary objective of this paper, especially in the context of the postglobal leprosy elimination era. Multiple grouped shiny nodules over bony prominences. It is characterized by cutaneous or subcutaneous nodules and plaques present over apparently normal skin, with unique histopathological and characteristic bacterial morphology.

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Multiple, well-defined, erythematous nodules hhistoid papules present over the back and neck Click here to view. Each of them can be differentiated from histoid Hansen on the basis of the characteristic histopathology, absence of mycobacteria on slit skin smear, and nerve thickening. Within the mass of spindle-shaped histiocytes, rounded-polygonal plump histiocytic cells with vacuolated cytoplasm along with occasional giant cells were noticed Figures 2 a — 2 c.


The lesions were flat-toped, nonscaly, flesh-colored to erythematous, almost symmetrical, normal-oedematous, soft-firm, to in size, painful for past 15 days. J Infect Dev Ctries. The leproma consists of fusiform histiocytes leprpsy in a tangled or storiform pattern containing acid fast bacilli. The patient was diagnosed with the histoid variant of lepromatous leprosy.

Histoid Leprosy

Hastings C, Opromola DV. Histoid leprosy in North India. It exhibits a fibromatoid tendency in the chronic form. We describe here a case of histoid leprosy, clinically mimicking neurofibromatosis. Nasal bridge was normal. Report from so called endemic areas.

Histoid leprosy

Histoid leprosy as reservoir of the disease; a challenge to leprosy elimination. Dermis showed diffuse collection of foamy macrophages and spindle shaped cells histiocytes Click here to view. The nodules varied in size from 0. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.