So we’re nearing exchange on our house and our buyers solicitor has asked for a copy of our hetas certificate for our woodburning stove. Hi, I am in the (long) process of purchasing a 4 bed detached property. We have now been told that the wood burner does not have any. Just realized that in the heat of battle renovation, I forgot completely to get a HETAS certificate for our open fireplace, which Im guessing BC will.

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It also validates household insurance and is required by Solicitors when selling a property. The amount of additional air hetaz required mostly depends upon the output of your stove. Installation of insulated twin wall systems – Metal Where a wood burning stove installation or solid fuel appliance job may require a new chimney flue run through a house or a twin wall chimney installed to an exterior wall.

The process sounds a little long winded but in practice it is likely to be fine. Well, actually, the guys who installed it a modular Isokern pumice system weren’t actually HETAS registered, so it was always something I would have had to pay a third party to issue.

Green Building Forum

I just need to find a few private building control companies for the rest of the UK! Back to Discussions Top of Page.

If they must have this then I would get your local chimney sweep to sign the paperwork they give you. Industrial rope access I. On completion of the install, the other conditions are now your responsibility.

How to fit a chimney liner Fitting a chimney liner to a pot or cowl Chimney stack ends in loft somebody took it down Access and safety when fitting liners and some quick-build platform ideas Simple guide to ordering liner and fitting heats.

Installation of twin walled flexible flue liners Hftas lining and chimney relining of existing brick chimneys or flues. It means that your Allchimneys, wood burning stove installation is not only safe and high quality, but also as simple and hassle free as possible! Question is, now it is all installed, does anyone have any tips as to who Certoficate should go to in order to get this signed off?


CommentAuthor scrimper CommentTime Oct 21st These costs and this behaviour will surely just ensure that a local Building Control rarely has to be bothered with the signing off of a stove, and local people who hetass to self install will just ignore them and join the thousands out there who just go ahead and do it without notification.

Yes, it was indeed on the original plans, so hopefully will be part of the overall control process. Before leaving they will likely say that they want to check things over at a certificatw stage e.

Direct To Chimney Do I need to line my chimney certuficate Each Building Control or individual officer will be different but all should assist you in finding the relevant building regulations. These are reader friendly and we ask you to go over these and come back to us with any questions you may have before the install.

I installed my own 40Kw wood burner and ltr TS, Flue, solar stn, temp mixers, vents, relief valves, everything and ceryificate to a heating engineer, he asked if I had installed many of these before and I said ‘No, never, in fact this was my first ever plumbing job’ – he ecrtificate what he saw and I paid him Euros by chq and 3 bottles of fab wine, he gave me Euros back cash and the conformity paper work. No need for both. Certificates should be posted on the outside of the building where the heating unit was certififate, and the installer may give the consumer a name plate to post containing pertinent information.

This is very annoying as they will also likely want you to pay for it. He might object or want a new fee if it wasn’t shown on any of the plans.

Retrospective HETAS certificate for open fireplace

Cylinder or thermal store downstairs? Some Building Controls are not very switched on and will also insist employing an installer to check your install.


Ensure that you put your no tice in at least ten days before certiticate wish to start work and do not be afraid to call them to find out what to do or to arrange a site visit.

They will usually cite you get one of the following to do this: This will ensure that you are notified in the unlikely event of excessive CO leakage.

As a rule of thumb, if your house is a new build built after or if your wood or multi fuel stove exceeds 5Kw in output, then you will require additional ventilation. Well, crossing fingers, because as you say it does seem to break all the rules for a HETAS document to be issued if they haven’t done the work. Wood Burning Stove Installation. Now some Building Control do insist that a qualified person checks heyas installation at completion.

HETAS & Safety

If you would like to find out more about Allchimneys HETAS Approved Stove services or any of our other chimney related services, simply give us a call on or visit our contact page. How much liner in metres should I order?

Cheap chimney flue liner? And thanks for the tip off re: This is often an important document when it comes to selling your property or for insurance purposes. To Flexible Liner In Chimney Introduction Stove to flue to adaptor to liner Connected to liner, inside fireplace opening Connected to liner, outside fireplace opening Distance to combustibles Chimney stack ends in loft somebody took it down. Meeting building regulations Allchimneys belong to the government approved competent person scheme, we can self certify our work and supply you with a HETAS certificate of compliance for any installation.

Although qualifications are not mandatory, any person fitting a solid fuel stove must be competent to do so i.