The protagonist is a 50ish year old career naval officer who is sent to Berlin prior to WWII. He is an astute observer and is knowledgeable about war strategy. The Winds of War: A Novel [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Winds of War [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follows the various members of the Henry family as they become.

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Narrator 7 episodes, Valet 2 episodes, Windz unbelievable and robs the saga of credibility; the author should’ve limited himself to placing the main leads on a single major theatre with just occasional incursions into the others instead of making him stumble into everyone everywhere from Europe to America to Asia. I’m an English teacher and I’m thinking of studying this book with my older students.

Colonel William Forrest 3 episodes, Berel Jastrow 7 episodes, Ben Murphy Full Cast and Crew. Here are some of my favorite quotes. I would have liked it more if it hadn’t turned so blatantly into a soap-opera.

The Winds of War

The writing is wonderful and the plot is a page turner without overriding the characters. This story, told through the eyes and lives of a Navy family, begins in and ends right after the attack on Pearl Harbor in Some Navy personnel complained at the time that Wouk had taken every twitch of every commanding officer in the Navy and put them all into one character, but Captain Queeg has endured as one of the great characters in American fiction.

I will also give this to Wouk, he made up some very unlikeable characters: Water bugs skated on the surface of the slow-moving brown river. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat The one thing that comes across when Wouk writes about America is disdain for the culture, the education, and the religious values of America itself. Ludwig Rosenthal 2 episodes, Sky du Mont This book tackles all of my curious questions all rolled up into a family saga with romance, adventure, countless facts and irresistible story.


Winston Churchill 4 episodes, The author was true to facts and places, fleshing out the events with wae characters. This is a big, sprawling, ambitious novel set against a factual background and real-life personages. While this was more of a 4.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: Does everyone have to smoke? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The Winds of War (miniseries) – Wikipedia

In my opinion, the main point of this book is the accurate description of the development of World War II, starting with the Nazi’s occupation in Poland. By such devices of giving very different people family ties, Wouk manages to show quite a range of the effects of the war on one family — from Polish peasants to an isolationist US senator.


Aaron Jastrow 7 episodes, Polly Bergen There is a Leo-in- Titanic quality to Pug Henry, hermna that he’s always turning up at the right place at the right time, allowing him to roll with the titans of the day Look it’s FDR! Paperbackpages.

The muddy narrow streets of Medzice — it had rained hard during the night, and the rattling on the rabbi’s roof had increased Byron’s sensed of snugness — were filled with an autumnal fragrance of hay and ripening fruit, made more tangy hdrman the smells of the free-roaming ducks, chickens, goats, and calves.

But setting up a second scene of someone entering a building and taking care to avoid anachronisms was quite impressive.


Trivia Robert Mitchum was accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial after an interview he gave to Barry Rehfeld of “Esquire” magazine promoting this series at his home in February The bullets fell on people, horses, and the household goods and children in the carts. My father-in-law, Keith Greene, fought for the Allies and was captured in Tobruk, and was a prisoner of war in Italy. Totally different subject matter however, but one that I can relate to somewhat, since we live heman the Caribbean.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel 6 episodes, I found that I could listen with ease, almost forgetting that someone was reading to me. But this actually resonated with me – with many of those “big wigs,” when they find a person, regardless of rank or circumstance, that they can trust This is about war, but veers away from graphic violence.

The Winds of War (The Henry Family, #1) by Herman Wouk

Not sure what Madeline Henry really added to the book, but maybe that will become more evident in the sequel “War and Remembrance”. The patriarch of the Henry clan is Victor “Pug” Henry, a senior naval officer who just wants to command a ship, but who finds himself sent off on various diplomatic assignments to Germany and Soviet Russia instead on President Roosevelt’s every whim.

This convenience of plot allows Pug to rub elbows with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and the like. Nominated for 4 Golden Globes.