A Hele-Shaw cell (Hele-Shaw flow – Wikipedia) is an apparatus with two parallel transparent walls with a very small gap between them filled with a very viscous. ) that Hele-Shaw cells can be used as an apparatus for visualizing the streamline pattern of two-dimensional Euler flows of an ideal fluid past an obstacle. ∇(p + ρgy), y vertically upwards for flow of a liquid of viscosity µ through rock of permeability K. When ∇ · u = 0 we again have ∇. 2 p = 0 and vertical Hele-Shaw .

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A dye flowing shaa several small holes at the upstream end produces streamlines. To perform experiments, students start the water flow and open a dye valve just enough to produce easily visible streamlines.

Get in Touch with us Hitech Technologies. View Contact Call Seller Now. The apparatus comes with a rubber sheet from which to cutout various shapes of models.

These are manufactured by our competent professionals, using premium grade quality raw materials that are procured from renowned and reliable vendors of the industry. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A wall mounting header tank to provide a constant head water supply for the H9 Hele Shaw Apparatus.

Hele Shaw Apparatus

The apparatus comes with a rubber sheet from which to cut out various shapes of models. Besides, we are involved in storing our products in a spacious warehousing unit, which is well connected with all the modes of transportation that enable us, to deliver the products in their respective destinations within time.


The apparatus works with a steady, air-free water supply and suitable drain. The apparatus works with a steady, air-free water supply and suitable drain.

Hele Shaw Apparatus – Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

They then use valves to allow water to flow from a source point or drain into a sink point, or various combinations of flow or sink points. The governing equation of Hele-Shaw flows is identical to that of the inviscid potential flow and to the appwratus of fluid through a porous medium Darcy’s law. Get best deals for coconut. Number of Employees Upto 10 People.

Retrieved from ” https: Nature of Business Manufacturer. Thus lecturers can also use itto represent flow in other branches of engineering, such as aerodynamics or electricity and heat flow. The removable top glass plate has grid lines to help analysis of the flow patterns.

The apparatus can represent water seepage through solids,and can simulate any process satisfying the Laplace equation in two dimensions.

It thus permits visualization of this kind of flow in two dimensions.

The flow of water. Get Best Price Request a quote. Water flows along the channel at a low Reynolds number, so the inertia forces are not important.

Hele-Shaw flow is defined as Stokes flow between two parallel flat plates separated by an infinitesimally small gap, named after Henry Selby Hele-Shawwho studied the problem in Product Description Hele-Shaw apparatus produces streamline sin a laminar, steady flow. We have established a sound infrastructural facility, which is outfitted with technologically advanced machines.



Thus lecturers can also use itto For such flows the boundary conditions are defined by pressures and surface tensions. To incorporate models into the free stream of the apparatus and study the effect on streamlines, students cuttle shapes they need from the rubber sheet supplied they then sandwich the model between the two plates of the apparatus and start the flow.

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Call Send a quick message. The equipment consists of a channel formed between two plates. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. This is due to manufacturing techniques, which creates shallow planar configurations, and the typically low Reynolds numbers of micro-flows. The apparatus can represent water seepage through solids, and can simulate any process satisfying the Laplace equation in two dimensions.

When the gap between plates is asymptotically small. When placed between the two plates, students can see the streamline patterns flowing around the models. A bench-mounting Hele-Shaw apparatus to demonstrate two-dimensional laminar flow around differently shaped models.