Process Making Fiber Cement old type and improvement. Asbestos fiber cement techhology about years ago, Ludwig Hatschek made the. Equipment Evolution. Hatschek Forming Machine process entire sheet machine output. > Worked on process improvements to provide +/-. 1/8” on all. Hatschek process for the production of fiber cement plates. [] NL-A discloses a method and appa- ratus for manufacturing fiber.

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The density profiles of the uncured, profiled fiber cement plate is shown in figure 8. The solids are deposited on the sieve which on each rotation attracts a layer of the solids and transfers the layer onto a continuous belt. Also that that stacks of monolayers having mutually different widths may be used.

Preferably the length of the radial projection of each of the legs of the trapezoid shape on the axis of the accumulator roll is in the range of 5 to 15 mm, more preferred in the range of 10 to 15 mm. Trapezoid is to be under stood as a quadrilateral having exactly one pair of parallel sides. The independent and dependent claims set out particular and preferred features of the invention. A moveable roll fitting within the recess and contacting it with his circumferential surface can be used as well.

hztschek A Hatschek process for the production of profiled fiber cement plates is provided. The density and composition of the slurry used to provide all four monolayers are identical. The monolayer build in this zone is sprayed away from the sieve, forming a monolayer with smaller width W1.

A Hatschek hatscheo according to claim 11, wherein the slurry is removed by spraying water to the slurry to be removed. It is peocess made on a Hatschek machine, followed by a pressing step using a hydraulic press. Asbestos fibers had several advantages. The advantage is that a lightweight sheet can be produced which can mimic stone without the low yields associated with extraction, or can reproduce the effect of clay based building products without the need for high temperatures in production.

According to some embodiments, the difference between the width W1 of the first type of monolayers in transverse direction and the width W2 of the second type of monolayers may be at least 40 mm. Immediately after it is formed fibre-cement is still pliable.


Random and natural surface effects can be achieved but with the consistency of a production line giving superb levels of control and cost efficiency. However, cellulose reinforced cement products are more susceptible to water induced prlcess, compared to asbestos cement composite materials.

Fibre cement – Cembrit

CN CNB en. The cement, filler, fibers and other material will be retained on the sieve surface, forming the monolayer. The great disadvantage of these products is a very large increase in material and manufacturing process costs.

Positive pressure machine for forming continuous strips of asbestoscement compositions and the like. A number of monolayers, in the embodiment shown in figure 1in total four, are created by four rotating sieve drums, Asbestos, although it is an inorganic fiber, can be”refined”into Asbes, They are stable at high temperatures. This website uses cookies to measure traffic and for optimization of content.

The sieve cylinder machines require fibers that form a network to catch the solid cement or silica particles, which are much too small to catch on the sieve itself. As an example, the thickness of the monolayer may be 0. A Hatschek process according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the at least one monolayer of a first type of monolayer having a thickness different from the thickness of the at least one monolayer of a second type of monolayers.

A cross section of the endless fiber cement multilayered slabobtained on the transport device is shown in figure 3. More preferably the accumulator roll has no recess in axial direction along at least 50 mm of its circumference, even along at least mm or even along at least mm. This product is air-cured, since PVA fibers are, in general, not autoclave stable. The disadvantage of these products was that the high-density matrix did not allow nailing, and methods of fixing involved pre-drilled holes.

On this accumulator rollwhich according to the invention has a recess in axial direction along at least part of the circumference as shown in figure 2a plurality of fiber cement multilayered slab layers are accumulated by rotating the accumulator roll along its axisuntil the predefined thickness is obtained.

The Hatschek process according to claim 11, wherein the slurry is removed by spraying water onto the slurry to be removed. The thicknesses of the monolayers are identical and are 0. Along a part of the surface of the rotating drum, the surface is provided with perforations, or is provided in a wire net materialforming a sieve. It is thus to be interpreted as specifying the presence of the stated features, steps or components as referred to, but does not preclude the presence or addition of one or more other features, steps or components, or groups thereof.


Because the matrix of asbestos reinforced roofing products was generally very dense specific gravity about 1. If you do not accept cookies it may impact your experience of our websites and the services we are able to offer.

Also that the order of more wide and less wide monolayers may be varied. P1 and P5 are at the tapered edges of the uncured, profiled fiber cement plate.

Fibre cement – rooted in history

In a processes according to the invention, at least one of the sieves, e. It is understood that also alternative sequences, with hatsschek sieve drum positioned not in the first station but in one of the second, third or fourth position in the rotating drum sieve train can be used. This description is given for the sake of example only, without limiting the scope of the invention.

There are manufacturers on every continent testament to the popularity and durability of this amazing material. He combined, after 7 years of experimenting, cellulose, reinforcing fibres and cement in solution in water.

Fibre cement is however porous thereby making it ideal for use in high humidity climates. Positive pressure machine for forming continuous strips of asbestoscement compositions and the like. This accumulated slab is cut and laid down on the transport device. However the disadvantage is that the density and hence the physical properties of the plate with tapered edges, is different.

Cembrit Cemsix Cembrit B5. For the first rotating drum sieve in production directionat both ends in axial direction, a zone and of the sieve is covered by a water impermeable coating, such as a paint.