Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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These amounted to the vicious and Opening eastern door at down – Acquiring health as a boon. The Vaasthu scientists have ear – marked the sites according to its geography, shape and natural phenomenon, which are called blocks. It does not enjoyed reflect any rationale. September, 7th Edition: So it has been, certainly, delayed more, in our modern times, says Sri Malladi Suryanarayana Shastri.

However, our research and experience on Vaasthu has proved that efficacy of Vaasthu remains unaffected irrespective of the ownership of the habitat. But, no article should be placed abutting eastern south east wall. However it the streets located to its east and north are more elevated than the site, such a site would not be rated as a first grade site.

Generally the establishment of a new family necessitates certain structural changes, like construction of a separate bedroom, bath room, toilet, and anew hearth, so as to suit the new couple. The few principals can be categorized as The main plant or machinery should be erect only in the southwest corner of the factory building, alongside the southern or western wall.

Once the fifth head of Brahama, the donkey head, laughed at Rudra, the fierce, at his nakedness, Digamabaram. For example human body consists of various parts like head one part trunk 2 parts and hards and legs 4 parts in the ratio of 1: Under no circumstances the houses facing west or south should project into the street.


This is the site with the road in east. August, 6th Edition: Further, sites having road only in south which is less elevated than the plot and there is no vacant space either in east or north, such sites are treated as fourth grade sites. Any science possesses the following characteristics. We travelled from Benares to Cape Camorin keenly observing the positive and negative effects of Vaasthu on various structures.

They knew more than we think, that we know, rather they were more conscious about nature and its secrets or wonders. Scientists have proved that the sun rays have many positive effects on human body. Following table, shows the effects of various types of demensions mentioned above 1.

Augurs well and envisages financial fortunes. Number of roads around the house and their formation, cast a powerful influence on the inhabitants, and lead either to their prosperity or adversity as per the science of Vaasthu.

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He says that Arjuna, lion, earj;h and Maheshwara cannot be equally praised with the king, as they have their innate natural defects i. The goouru mass became the sun and the revolving mass took the shape of nine planets. Similarly ‘Vaasthu Chlntamani’ an oriental treatise exempts, houses having dimension below 16 cubits and above 32 cubits, from the concept of Aayam. Gruha Vaasthu Plans – Kannada. Please enter your User Name, email ID and a password to register. If the northern lateral side is truncated to northeastern block and if the construction starts right on northern boundary, the female spouse of the house will suffer from chronic illness, leading to death or may lead frustrated life on account of severe financial crisis.

The diametre of the sun is 8,65, miles. As it is purely a technical subject ii was confined only to the architects Sthapathis and handed over to their heirs through oral education or hand-written monographs. The northeastern corner of the compound wall should not be rounded.


We may conclude the discussion saying, that reddj result oriented logical principles can be relied upon rather than depending on abstract and heterogeneous concepts like Aayam. Any attempt by others involving plagiarism or translation of the contents of this book into other languages would attract civil and criminal proceedings by the author.

This redy to say that there must be an elevated terrain in the west.

Clinics are run at Coimbatoor in such pyramids, where in the patient is made to rest for half an hour. Since Vaasthu Purusha faces south with his head in the ttirupati, from Bhadrapada to Karteek month, one can construct house in these months, facing east with western door and facing north with southern door.

In such a case, the site in north or east should not be acquired as it elevates north or east, because of the cellar in south or west of them. It is noteworthy, that they are all brahmins. goury

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Vastu is also a sister science of yoga and ayurveda, the Vedic science of wellbeing and longevity. If higher than northeast, it results in success in all issues and flow of wealth. The habitat of Mother Theresa tirrupati Calcutta and palace of the Maharaja of Mysore, possess streets on all the four sides and, have become world famous. They had ear-marked the North Pole, tirupagi the help of the sun and built the monuments with perfection, as the north direction had been established as statuatory direction.