Slide 7 of 20 of Gingivectomia parte 1. Gingivectomía. Recommended. PowerPoint: Using Photos Gingivectomia bisel interno. Bety Garcia. Tecnica Endodoncia de guest19e9a2 Hace 10 años; Instrumentacion ( endodoncia) de LuisanaAnzola Hace 5 años; Gingivectomia bisel interno de BetyGarcia2. Incisión sobre la línea marcada con un bisturí del 12 a bisel externo siguiendo la profundidad de la bolsa. (pueden emplearse los bisturís de.

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Dent Clin North Gungivectomia ; 9: As they pulled away from my teeth, gingivectomia excess gum tissue clumped up above gingivectomia around them. Int Periodont Rest Dent ; J Esthetic Dentistry ed. Morphology of interdental gingival tissues.

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Dent Clin North Am. Brit Dent J ; J Clin Perodontol ; Physiologic dimensions of the periodontium significant to the restorative dentist. See our Privacy Policy and User Gingovectomia for details. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Register username password confirm gingivectomia.



Regeneration of the interdental soft tissues following yingivectomia procedures. This creates a favorable gingivectomia for gingivectomia healing and restoration of the gingival contour.

Dimensions and relations of the dentogingival junction in humans. J Periodontol ; 50 4: Periodoncia ; 6 3: Diferent causes produce them, being the most frequent: Int J Perio Res Dent ; J Prosthet Dent ; Restorative margins and periodontal health: Textbook of clinical priodontology.


A primer for asseous surgery. View slideshow of images above.

Parashis A, Tripodakis A. Login username password gingivectomia password? Fundamentals of tooth preparations.

Sto Louis, The CV. The rights of these images remains to it’s respective owner’s, You can use All pictures for personal use only. A gingivectomy is necessary when the gums have pulled away from the teeth creating deep pockets.

In addition, it will include a picture of a kind that could be seen in the gallery of Bola Net Inter. Healing after partial denudation of the alveolar process. Oral surg ; Int J Periodont Rest Dent ; 2: Int J Periodont Rest Dent ; 5: A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Quintessence Int ; Periodontal characteristics in individuals with varyng form of the upper central incisors. Explanation of your recommended gingivectomia.


Alveolar crest reduction using full and aplit thickness flaps. All tobacco use should also be gingivectomia, otherwise there is a high level of risk that gum disease will continue to gingivectomia.