FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and EMR , RM and RM use micro-. The reactive power control relay RM and RM respectively can be .. Model RM /12 Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO. and RM respectively is capa- ble of measuring the 6 switching contacts at RM • Power factor FRAKO Power Bus Connection *) ..

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Their innovative control characteristics meet all the requirements of 2160 industrial networks and make these control relays suitable for all applications. Power Factor Control Relay. Suitable for current transformers with rated secondary current of 1A or 5.

The relevant selection is made in setup mode under In such cases the target power factor should be set with a small zero preceding the decimal point see Figure 9.

The control relay deactivates a capacitor stage after about 3 seconds. The measuring procedure then is similar to that for the extended connection see section 2. To keep the load of the current transformer as low as possible, the feed lines should have a adequate cross section.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM 2106/12

frakoo The main connection methods are described below. Check the control circuit according to the connection diagram and repeat the check system procedure Current paths for different measuring devices should always be switched in series Introduce capacitors with smaller step size. Receive Verified supplier details.


If alarm output was activated on contact 6 of the RM device or contact 12 of the RM device setup codethis contact also closes. If automaticresponse current identification is 23 Note: To assure correct operation of the reactive VA control system the following conditions must be taken into account when choosing stage ratings: Target power factor 1. Please enter Mobile Number.

Baron Power Limited Plot No. So the control band is completely within the capacitive range for the mode of regenerative power.

The maximum overcurrent factor Ieff. Connection in special cases 2.

Frako Power Factor Controller | Frako Power Correction Capacitor | India

This for example results in the following control characteristic for a target power factor of 1. Manual mode is not activated. When all messages have been acknowledged, the control relay begins the automatic regulating process. If response current recognition is deactivated, then an error in the connection will lead to functional errors during subsequent operation. Manual mode does not terminate automatically.

After a waiting period of about 10 seconds the switching status of the selected switch output is inverted. The control relay issues an alarm in the event of an error. This signal does not activate an alarm.

All information on FRAKO

If this does not result in a change in current, then the stages still active are also deactivated. Functioning and operation activated, the control relay also checks the power of the capacitors connected. In this case, the voltage connections to the phase conductors should be exchanged accordingly. It may be that the device has already been used and behaves as described in section 3. After switching the control relay remains in manual mode.


This function should be set to OFF when choked capacitor stages are used. This takes place in setup mode and simultaneously requires the manual programming of the stage parameters see section 4.

Press the “Select” key i. All components of a power factor correction system are operated carefully by these control relays and protected from overloads.

The commissioning and safety information for the power factor correction system should also be observed. Vrako stages are switched on and off in succession. Read this before commissioning!!!

Single phase connection 2. The control relay may be cleaned only with a dry cloth. Continuous monitoring for defective capacitor stages through self adjustment of control program Zero voltage and zero current tripping with alarm signal.

The control relay always attempts to obtain a better power factor. Continuous monitoring for defective capacitor stages through self adjustment of control program Zero voltage and zero current tripping with alarm signal.

Notes on troubleshooting 8. As accessories protection kit; see section 8 insulated fixing screws are available.