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Space Above and Space Below signify airflow boundaries. Literature review indicated that the control circuitry is rarely the focus of power electronic system reliability research. The thermal analysis tool was run and Figure 65 displays the results, showing the thermal profile of the backside of the control board. Figure 26 Three-phase induction motor The specifications of this motor are displayed in Table 5. This can be attributed to mechanical, electrical and magnetic losses that occur.

Although the power switching module generates significant heat, there exist a number of other components that require cooling such as the digital signal processor DSP located on the control board, a MOSFET also attached to the heat sink, surface mount technology SMT rectifiers, voltage regulators and various SMT passive devices. This provided a temperature bracket through which the actual temperature was assumed to be contained within.

Overview of Method to Assess Thermal Profile In order to attain sufficient efficiency, power electronic converters should be placed as close as possible to the actuators they control. Numerous thermocouple measurements of points surrounding the boards were taken at various loading conditions and revealed that the highest temperatures within the drive were reached while the drive was idle.

Table 24 CalcePWA estimated failures: All thermocouples inside the drive were placed approximately 1 cm.

Phantom temperature gradients occasionally As such, these failures are of little concern to the system level reliability assessment. While the scope of this project covers how to decouple the heating effects experienced between assemblies in the VFD, decoupling the heating effects of components on the same assembly falls outside the scope of this project.

This allowed a failure assessment to be performed in relation dr9014 the solder joints.


While this is only one component on the control board, all the components were measured under the idle and load conditions and revealed very small less than 2 C temperature differences. For example, high-power motor drives usually on the order of multimegawatts are required if the application involves a ship propulsion system or rolling mills [4].


The user can specify the type of boundary clamping condition and can perform analysis using either random vibration or shock inputs [29]. Figure 2 Spectrum of applications involving power electronics [4] As power electronic systems spread into these various application fields, much attention has been directed towards reliability.

Figure 31 should to be consulted prior to any change in the setup to ensure proper operating times to prevent overheating of the brake. Figure 23 shows the comparison of the control board to the CalcePWA model, while Figure 24 and Figure 25 show the comparison of the power board and They particularly provide protection against moisture, dirt, chemicals, organic solvents and other forms of contamination [30].

Boron datawheet was initially used during infrared measurements to create a uniform surface emissivity across all components. Ambient temperature was specified as The first of these showed that the temperatures inside the case changed with the load. This was performed by eliminating the airflow restraints imposed by the motor drive casing and disabling the fan for certain measurements. Safety was of major concern because the power levels were large enough to cause serious injury or death.

As such, the power dissipation of the DSP was changed to a lower value of 0. Temperature measurements were also taken while the drive was idle, i. Although the actual construction of the model takes time to build this is due to the complexity of modelling componentsCalcePWA allows for quick thermal and reliability analysis of the assembly.

The ranges of power, speed and torque of AC induction motors vary heavily depending upon the load and application. All thermal measurements were taken using type T thermocouples with a data-logger to display the measurements. This produces a surface temperature of Due to the fact that this board contains components on one side, only two 2 oz. Once dataaheet individual component rates are determined, the failure rate of the entire system is computed by adding fg9014 all the individual failure rates.

Therefore, boundary temperatures of the boards were simulated using the average measured temperatures without adjusting for ambient temperature deviations.

Xatasheet, the user is able to set the frequency at which the motor is to be run and monitor various parameters such as current, torque from the load, DC bus voltage and power output.

9014 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

The drive was cycled while stationary However, sound assumptions and a complete knowledge of all potential failure mechanisms are necessary due to the fact that the exaggerated testing conditions may also accelerate undesired mechanisms [47]. However, one complication arose in that the power dissipation of one component affected the surface temperatures of nearby components.


This would result in reliability data that would be unrepresentative of normal use conditions. Specifically, it was seen that the surrounding temperature of the control circuitry was highest while the drive was idle rather than at full load.

9014 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

I would first like to thank Dr. Rather than power cycling the system to failure, certain parameters of susceptible components, such as the R80 and R81 resistors, could be monitored. However the infrared images revealed that the actual surface temperature of the DSP lies between It has a power rating of 15kW, a primary delta configuration and a secondary wye configuration.

However, researching all possible methods indicated that the magnetic brake proved to be the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for this application. D A Initial Load Testing of Magnetic Brake System Prior to any extended testing on the drive, it was important to both ensure proper functioning of the magnetic brake system and to assess the load levels that the magnetic brake can generate on the motor drive. While a number of techniques have been employed to accurately determine surface emissivity [54] this has been a widespread issue with IR thermography.

Like the control board measurements, the fluctuations in the ambient temperature were factored out from the analysis by subtracting the average ambient temperature from the average temperature surrounding the board. The rest of this section will discuss the fundamental constituents of the CalcePWA model including materials, types of components and basic geometries. This served two purposes, both to provide a direct view of the connector board as shown in Figure 50, and to remove physical barriers that may trap heat.

The results of these simulations were a series of thermal profiles that were used in the reliability assessment. Figure 78 Visual representation of SPT State 1 represents the ramp up state in which the drive accelerates from idle 0 Hz to the full-load condition which occurs at 30 Hz. While idle, a natural convection environment is produced inside the casing wherein each component on the control board reaches maximum temperatures.

Lastly, the connector board was modeled as a five layer board, shown in Figure