It does not swallow energy like raw MDF. The four-inch Fostex FEEZ is an amazing driver. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange . : Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 4″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. Fostex FEEZ Sigma Diametermm. Fibre Cone Full Range Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR taniential edge.

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Thu Jun 11, 8: So we had to find ways to alter the MDF’s damping. Considering that Robert was so forthcoming and enthusiastic I wish all manufacturers were this de108ezI thought it best to condense our email exchanges into a quasi interview. This means that the lighter cone has less inertia so it should be “faster” or easier to move. Being able to hear walls and boundaries also became an obsession.

I do not want to imply that the Concerti will reach 42Hz flat but there is some output at that frequency, enough to give a credible image of the double bass. Also a Ferrari is a Fiat with a fancy engine.

He tries to get a hold of the best possible way to integrate our products in the audio chain. Then I added a rear baffle at the end of the “first horn” with a round port cut-out and continued to simulate the SPL response of the Vivace design.

There was no bass or treble. We want our products to be perfectly adapted to each client. I became aware of Fostex drivers a few years back.


Wed Jun 10, 4: Hello, I am the designer of the Vivace. It’s a wonderful piece of engineering and I guess it’s one of those examples fe108ezz art meets science. This in turn means less copper on the voice coil, hence a smaller inductance value a high value inductance makes the coil acts as a low pass filter. What i don’t understand is why Gemme fe108z want to show the inside of the Vivace construction it’s a secretwhen we know they don’t want to get their constructions patented Sound is the core of Gemme.

I ffe108ez it sounds very good, but it is my baby, so dismiss my opinion! Vivace is an Atelier with a closed hornmouth. Regarding the piano finish, it’s very important to understand that we do not use automotive finishes i.

Fostex FE108EZ 4″ Full Range Sigma Series

Thanx to Gio and Mr. I could feel the music in my chest.

I guess it’s like concentrated orange juice versus freshly squeezed orange juice. Page 1 of 3. I remember the first time I heard a horn loudspeaker. Horns are resonant enclosures. I don’t see much about the design on the Internet anymore so I assumed that they Gemme had moved fe18ez to a different design concept.

DIY Audio Projects Forum • Fostex FEEZ Gemme Audio Vivace Speakers

I won them on eBay for nearly half new price. Jean-Pierre then takes over and tests everything on all kinds of equipment chip amps, solid state, tubes of all varieties, different CD players, etc. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it foatex marvelous midrange, a nice top end and gives credible acoustic bass, which is kind of spectacular considering the small 2.

  ASTM D5168 PDF

Enter the Montreal-based Gemme Audio Concertia modern high-tech variation of the venerable rear-horn fostexx loudspeaker. I carried out my first speaker project at the age of 8 by destroying a portable AM radio I got for Christmas. To put it in hockey terms, I get the puck fosfex of the corner while JP gets it in the net. So the ring had to go along with profit. Also, we are still working on the resonant aspect of the enclosure.

Fortunately, it was designed for such use low mass and low inductance equal rising frequency response and no bass. Foshex first love was a JBL scoop. Very simply, the cone and dustcap are creased for increased rigidity for a given mass.

DIY Audio Projects Forum

Fosteex is a review coming out soon on www. Especially pics of the inside or drawings is welcome here. All Gemme Audio clients are unique.

Sure it’s about sound. At this time we have three models using similar loading: Tanto I guess Tanto’s inside, is the same foste Vivace Fostes will start soon I found a couple of pictures in a 6moons review which gave me the layout of the interior of the enclosure so I stated with that and reverse engineered the design using the outside dimensions of the cabinet and assumed material thicknesses. Nothing can approach the sound of a full horn setup.