We beat this board up pretty good, but it took just about all we could give. FIC SD11 – motherboard – ATX – Slot A – AMD overview and full product specs on CNET. I just installed a SLOT 1 Athlon on a FIC SD11 mobo (got a good deal). Everything is running fine but when i run SiSoft Sandra it tells me.

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Otherwise, you may want a new motherboard. What else do you have in the system especially PS?

FIC SD11 – motherboard – ATX – Slot A – AMD-751

It was an engineering sample that was rushed to production so as to be the first Athlon mobo out there. Wed Jul 12, 8: The performance is slower and it’s pretty no frills.

I was hoping someone would comment on how the hell the GE2 apperantly “fried out” my agp slot. Who sdd11, maybe it’s just a good hardware combo. I switched to the nvidia drivers and the problem was gone. I put the SD11 back in no reinstall of windows mind you and it works. El Paso, TX Gamertag: Results 1 to 6 of 6. Don’t tell the mods I was spamming I have the latest version of Sandra BTW.


Next Generation Motherboard Platforms – Part 1: The Athlon Craze

Well, The good new is I have semi successfully built one of my first two computers. Fri Jul 14, 5: I’m running an SD11 Athlon and have no problems. It was a bit unstable when I first built my machine, and discovered it was my ISA sound card, pulled that out and it’s fine. Under Win98 it require a specific mixture of my hardware, but with Win it’s happy running all my best hardware and Fuc have 0 complaints about fiv performance considering it costs under a hundred bucks.

Also, since the SD11 is so old, you may want to updaate the bios to see whether there’s an improvement.

The SD11 ran a Savage 4 for me just fine for months with the exception of UT which locked it up every half hour. You may have to register before you can post: Then what motherboard should I get to get the best bang for my buck. What can I try to get my system running to where it should.

Jun 3, Posts: Well I got the bug sf11 got the Herc. This seems awfully odd to me. Fri Jul 14, 1: Lumpenprole Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Just run my processor and stuff whre it should be?

Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: Thu Jul 13, 3: Or I could sell you mine and give myself an excuse to upgrade.


Anyway, a lot of times, Sandra marks are incorrect, so if you think your system is performing up to par, then you shouldn’t worry about it. So I got all the parts for both new machines yesterday and stated building the system for my little bro.

FIC SD11 – Next Generation Motherboard Platforms – Part 1: The Athlon Craze

May 3, Posts: I can’t get it. Memory benchmarks aren’t always standard either. Sincere you have a first generation motherboard and yours works ok? What BIOS version are you running?

Latest BIOS, checked the setting for the ffic size, checked the cable itself, made sure the drive is detected right Yes all other program sare closed when running Sandra. Oct 26, Posts: May 12, Posts: Wed Jul 12, 6: Xd11 Jul 12, 9: Other than this, it’s run perfectly without a hitch for a while now.

Or if you want, try some other benchmarking programs to see if those marks are better. What version of Sisoft?

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. The SD was no meant to be produced.