Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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The nature of the notification or request that was made to state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities, and the justification for the notification; 3. With the advent of the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI and other federal law enforcement organizations were required to release many of their records to the public. Degree of assistance rendered by the informant.

For restrictions on financial, business and other miogg with informants, refer to the Fni of Administrat ive Operations and Procedures, Part I. I Immediately following this information, set forth a separate paragraph showing the dates of payments under the prior authorization and the fbo paid on each date, divided into the amounts paid for services and the amounts paid for expenses.

NCIC inquiry end response. All documents which either identify or tend to identify an informant? Significance of the investigation.

Researching FBI Informant Policies and Procedures: The FBI MIOG and Other Sources

Information contained herein was obtained confidentially. The insert will contain the informant’s symbol number and the date the information wai provided.

PAGE other C. Engages in acts of violence without telling his FBI contact.

Informants and Undercover Investigations: A determination to continue use of the informant or confidential source must be approved by the Director or a senior Headquarters official, after consultation with the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division.

Informants are critical to any law enforcement mission. The alternate Agent must handle some contacts with the informant and must meet or observe the informant by the second contact after conversion. Length of tiae which the inforaant devoted to the investigation.


FBI MIOG Sec Informants : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Appraisal of whether request centers on source s new criminal involvement, and how source is aware of new criminal activity. It is to be used to document the Supervisor’s review every 60 days as mandated by Bureau policy. This written finding must be documented in the informant’s main file prior to the activity and should specify the facts and circumstances relied upon in making this determination. Whether the individual has been contacted or opened by any other f i eld of fi ce.

Location and job title of employee. This advice ihall be provided before accepting information on a continuing basis. POOR Informants in this category have furnished no information of value and consideration should be given to closing them.

Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (MIOG)

The attorney informant should be specifically advised not to furnish any information, privileged or?: However, whenever a Special Agent learns of the commission of a serious crime by an informant or confidential source, he shall notify a field office supervisor.

This form should be updated regularly as the required information changes. He allegedly obtained information from the FBI which allowed him to locate and murder people who may have been in competition with him. Vogel View Profile on Experts. An investigation of possible criminal conduct by any elected or appointed official, or political candidate, for a judicial- legislative- manageaenf, or executive-level position of trust in a Federal, state, or local governmental entity or political subdivision thereof.

Any information developed or known concerning potential tax problems is to be brought to the attention of the United States Attorney’s Office.

The utilization of the suffix in the reporting of information derived from the source is unnecessary although suffix utilization should be continued for administrative purposes or to fulfill other existing needs. It may not be used to develop information concerning an individual for the purpose of inducing him to become an informant or confidential source.


Whether the informant will testify. Bust rbi advised that: Government, and not by the ca. The fact that such a review was conducted must be documented in the informant’s file on an FD and indexed on the FD Although tabulations are not furnished to the Department, they must reflect all amounts contained in the FMS. These files, as well as the closed informant files, should be bound in the green file cover and file back designated as an FDa.

The purpose of this memorandum is to prevent unnecessary or overbroad disclosure of information provided by the informant through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Administrative and identifying data fhi to be maintained in the main file and all information, reports, etc. In exceptional circumstances where notification to. The request should also set forth the following information:!

Detailed account of source’s involvement in criminal activity subsequent to being approved for WSP services. The informant ‘a aymbol number and true moig ahould not appear on any gbi which are not aecure. In circumstances where notification to state or. Authorized Participation by Any Informant in Criminal Activities “An informant or confidential source shall not be authorized to engage, except in accordance with this paragraph, in any activity that would constitute a crime under state or federal law if engaged in by a private person acting without the authorization or approval of an appropriate govern-ent official.