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Are you tired looking for an app that will permit you to get a view of PDF file?

Top Five Apps for Nokia Classic

The two technologies are different, but from the point. Albite Reader – this java program for reading electronic books developed by Svetlin Ankov, which is free, and is distributed under the Apache 2.

Viewer for Java provides you with the ability to display almost all common types of ezreacer document formats, including: This concludes my list of apps for the Nokia Classic. Zereader pure HTML5 document viewer also allows for users to have access to robust viewing and collaboration features across a variety of platforms, including mobile. And i just find out that will can only open and read it on our PC.

Adobe Reader latest version: The characters you entered did not match the security image.

You will love the girls and love this app. Once locked, these apps can be viewed only by entering correct password. Opera Mini web browser can compress web data content by up to 90 percent therefore reducing data charges during Internet usage.


With this app you can explore new places and businesses around you and learn more interesting things about them based on comments and suggestions put in by your friends and other users.

Your PDFs will be produced in less time. This download is a replacement for Excel Viewer 97 and all previous Excel Viewer versions. Learn how your comment data is processed. Adobe Exreader, Acrobat, and Java. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Customize your PDFs with tools like custom colors, font embedding, page size, orientation, and output quality. It offers a comfortable and ea Opera Mini web browser comes in a sleek design with a modern looking interface that is user friendly.

Most of the ebooks we download or buy online are mostly on pdf files dov. Its a desktop and mobile e-book, RSS, e-document and e-news reader software supports the synchronization of user annotations, the formation of groups and.

The application is available for download at Nokia Store and supports ezreacer Nokia mobiles and basically, it is designed for series 40 mobiles.

Opera Mini has a new interface that gives your device a sleek, modern appearance. Zeal comes with awesome docsets!. Please use link below from official Adobe website and download pdf reader for Mobile phones:.

This is the best app for studying reading materials in your devices. You can create, edit, and save documents anytime, anywhere.


Many people have to use a web browser in order to look at a PDF, but with this tool you may look at your PDF files without a web browser and without using expensive software.

dzreader This phone is a typical S40 UI phone with enough storage capacity to satisfy most people and support for decent 3G connectivity speed. The best of Google for your phone and tablet. You get one of the best-documented and most versatile PDF engines in the world written in Java and. Simply drag-and-drop files to instantly create a document.

eZReader DOC PDF Lite

More user friendly and easy to use security app. They are subtle and easy going apps that create an impact for the user. Xoc rate this as a number one Java application not only because it supports Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents but also the app stands stable on the phone. You might want to promote the versions that. You also save money on data charges since Opera Mini uses a fraction of the data of other browsers. May 12, at 5: Visit the Free Trial.

Perfect PDF Reader, free and safe download. What would you like to do next? Free DOC Reader, free and safe download. See Details for more information.