Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. No automatic alt text available. 8 Likes2 Shares. English (US). Campo Grande in response to coating with zinc and boron. Potencial fisiol├│gico de sementes de estilosantes cv. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

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In Brazil, the most practical and economical way of livestock support are the pastures. Boro aplicado via semente em girassol.

Boron and zinc are characterized by being absorbed in small quantities, due to the fact that they don’t participate grajde plant structures, but they are constituents of enzymes or act as its enablers Dechen and Nachtigall, Daily counts estiloosantes performed for determining the germination speed index GSI by the formula proposed by Maguireesti,osantes the mean germination time MGTaccording to Edmond and Drapala The seeds yield or absorb water of the substrate, with greater or lesser speed, according to water gradient between the seed and the external environment Lopes and Macedo, The treatments influenced the physiological quality of seeds of cv.

Despite not having differed from other treatments added micronutrients, treatment 4 g of boric acid and 90 g of zinc sulphate. Growth analysis in seedlings rice in relation of the seed treatment with mineral nutrients.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande

Revista Brasileira de Zootecniav. The covering of seeds of stylosanthes cv.

However, it is important to note that the doses used by authors were much smaller when compared to the ones employed in this work. Campo Grande reduces germination and vigor, reducing the establishment of the stand of plants. Acta Scientiarumv. In addition, it has an important role in biological nitrogen fixation, because it protects the nitrogenase enzyme of damage caused by toxicity of reactive O 2 species such as O cqmpo and H 2 O 2 Malavolta, The lowest values were obtained in plants from seed not covered and covered only with calcium silicate, which did not differ among themselves.

Among the treatments with addition of micronutrients, treatment 4 g of boric acid and 90 g of zinc sulphate kg -1 of seeds presented the highest values for this variable, however, not statistically different from treatments 3 and 5. From the data relating to abnormal seedlings AS was unable to verify the negative effect of the treatments Table 1. On estilsoantes other hand, treatment 6 T g of boric acid and zinc sulfate g. On the other hand, treatment 4 presented the smallest observed values for SDW.

In relation to leaf area LAagain the treatment 4 T g of boric acid and 90 g of zinc sulphate kg -1 of seed is shown higher than the control treatment 1however treatments 2, 3 and 6 did not differ from the T4 Table 3.


According to the authors, these results are probably the antagonistic effect of these micronutrients. As filling material for the coating process, calcium silicate and as cement material a solution of water and glue ‘extra cascorez’ based on polyvinyl acetate PVA were used, according to Xavier et al.

Subsequently, the aerial part was separated from the root and both were placed in paper bags and heavy in balance of precision for determination of fresh weight of the shoot SFW and root RFW in mg per plant. However, these results have not been verified for the fresh and dry weight of shoots and root. Crop Sciencev. Tratamento de sementes de milho com sstilosantes de esstilosantes e boro. Fertilizers used as source of micronutrients are characterized by being salts and the presence of these interfering with the covering the surrounding water potential of the seed by reducing the potential gradient between the seed surface and coating, which ends up restricting the water absorption and, therefore, reducing seed germination.

For the variable length of the shoot SL there was a positive effect of the addition of micronutrients coating Table 3. Therefore, the use of techniques aimed at improving this management emerges as viable alternatives to ensure the sustainability of the pastures cultivated by combining productivity, quality and persistence of forage production Teles et al.

Among the tasks assigned to boron, some can be highlighted, such as participation in the formation of the cell wall and plasma membrane Malavolta,in the division and cell elongation in the transport of auxins and the nitrogenous base uracil gradne, RNA component, affecting thus the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein Faquin, grandr Speeds of germination-aid selection and evaluation for seedling emergence and vigor.

Similarly, the use of these same products also provided in increments of LA values of wheat plants on the grounds of increased estilosantew maximum dose tested of 3. Probably the reduction observed in the FGC is associated with osmotic effect provided by micronutrients.

Bonamigo Estilosantes Campo Grande

Introduction In Brazil, the most practical and economical way of livestock support are the pastures. The sources of micronutrients were boric acid and zinc sulfate. The effects of temperature, sand and soil, and acetone on germination of okra seed. Revista Brasileira de Sementesv.

The smallest percentages of AS were observed in treatments 5 and 6, comprise the combinations of the largest doses of micronutrients, which may be related, in addition to the osmotic effect of flooring, a larger doses from these toxicity, since these micronutrients are required in small amounts and the range between the ideal and the toxic quantity is small.


This Fabaceae is characterized by presenting several positive aspects to the use in pastures, such as: Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological potential of cv. Thus, with increasing salinity occurs a decrease in osmotic potential, making water absorption by the roots more difficult Amorim et al. Among the micronutrients, boron and zinc are worth highlighting, since they are the ones that most often cause disabilities in crops in soils of the Tropics Faquin, It is important to emphasize the improvement of the development of plants from seeds coated in relation to the control.

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Treatment 4 provided the best values of root estilosanted RLas opposed to treatment 6, which resulted in the lower RL, not differing from the seeds not covered Table 3. BRS e o crescimento inicial.

Daily counts were made of the number of emerged seedlings for a period of 30 days. Campo Grande em resposta ao recobrimento com zinco e boro foi o objetivo deste trabalho. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

The main function of zinc on the metabolism of plants cmapo to work as an enzyme activator and component, being essential to the activity, regulation and stabilization of protein structure Dechen and Nachtigall, The doses of micronutrients were based on recommendation of Malavoltafor forage Fabaceae.

A methodology for materials deposition in layers was performed according to Xavier et al. Commercial seed of stylosanthes cv. However, the results obtained with the production of dry mass are inferior to the genetic potential of the forage species, limiting the productive potential of the cattle industry Victor et al. Brande on Demand Journal.

Seedling emergence test – was performed in a greenhouse, with four replications of 50 seeds for each treatment, where the seeds were sown in plastic trays, with a capacity of 2. To the variable number of nodes NNtreatment 4 also provided the best results, and treatments 5 and 6 provided in the lowest values, demonstrating inhibitory effect of doses used in these treatments Table 3.