ESky E Big Lama (G) Co-Axial Helicopter. White/Blue The Largest Co- Axial Helicopter by ESky – much larger than Lama V3! Instruction Manual. View and Download E sky Lama V3 manual online. Lama V3 Toy pdf manual download. This is the new Big Lama by Esky. concerned about the first readjustment to the RX Gyro Gain pot and Gain pot mentioned in the instructions.

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Even flown it in 10 mph winds.

Were also accredited the caa provide pfco training. Rather than discuss the assembly I thought I might take the Big Lama apart so you can see what is inside. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I haven’t crashed yet. I am flying coaxial’s for 4 years and i have had them all, I don’t get carried away any more because i am 46 years old and don’t have the time two!!

I am slightly disappointed that you have to bind each time you mxnual from one heli to another but at least the settings stay set. MoTheGSep 14, Discussion in ‘ Quadcopters ‘ started by DavePowersJun 25, I have pasted in the information laam after the first throttle esk is completed.

Can I buy a Lama to practice indoor? But still, it can. Aug 03, Last edited by rolex; Jul 31, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. Just charge the li-po battery. Are these copters capable of other types of flight? Sep 17, By time you will learn to control your Belt easier.


Esky Big Lama Review

Share This Page Tweet. Thats no fun at all. And hovering a little higher makes life easier. Not having done this before, what is the first adjustment I need to make? You can buy a Multiplex Funcopter, which is much less mechanically complex than a coax and is nearly indestructable.

Hovering in rotor wash is good to train reflexes. I know where you are coming from, However, i am on about the best coaxial you can buy and availability for all. I’m also wondering if both versions have a 3in1 with a separate receiver. Both fly beyond the hover very well too. Disclaimer this manual displayed for online preview convenience.


E SKY LAMA V3 MANUAL Pdf Download.

The transmitter has no expo function so you pretty much have to learn to fly with very slight stick movements. When done then bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel.

Originally Posted by rolex Thanks for the video and info – But you can’t buy this coaxial in a rc shop anywhere, this is what i am on about, so far the only maker so far is walkera that has made a excellent size coaxial that all can buy and enjoy!

If the heli is not centered, adjust the proportional gain until steady as possible.

The Big Lama is completely factory assembled and ready to fly once the battery is charged. On both of the coax helis recently reviewed, I see that the videos basically show up and down flight. This is how it will look like when done: Discuss this article Printer-friendly version All articles by this author.

What I meant is that when you open a new channel for a new bird, new settings majual, you have to bind the TX and RX. And congratulations with being the owner of Big Lama. The inputs were quick as I would bif expected from the digital servos.


After 10 tests in sea winds last weekwith adjustments made to the servo extent and ball linkages this helicopter was just outstanding in the sky, and did not fly like a barndoor, unlike the walkera skylift Before you power up the TX push and keep pushed the two small buttons on the left near the display.

Use a good quality screw driver the PB Swiss drivers are shown. MoTheGSep 12, There isn’t any warning about it; it doesn’t quit, but it lets you know it doesn’t want to fly anymore. If the heli is jerking when flying, adjust the Gyro Gain to “-“. Esky Big Lama was better at moving around and much faster.

In my Lama V3, if I”m hovering and I just give it one notch of up, and it turns red, it’s time to land! The discussion was about what heli is better not on availability anyway. I tried and didn’t lose the control. MoTheGSep 13, Scanjet bug service manual toshiba esky dauphin replacement parts esky big lama replacement parts. Heli Very Very Good review. Converted from esky big lama helicopter model for competition the international aerial robotics competition.

When you try to esmy forward, backward, left and right it is soo slow!