Eric Raymond is an Open Source evangelist and author of the highly influential explanation of the open-source paradigm of programming en masse, and the. Eric Steven Raymond, often referred to as ESR, is an American software hpr Eric S. Raymond speaks at the Central Phila. LUG La catedral y el bazar. I’m Eric S. Raymond, aka “ESR”. I wrote some of the foundational papers on open -source development and maintain over 40 open-source.

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This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Retrieved 18 April There is a Spanish translation. The implications of this first expert system in space are discussed.

The feature this week is the second of two panel recordings I captured at Balticon Raymond — Twenty years of Berkeley Unix: Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata.

So I did—and it was a significant success. Two-button mice and trackballs – lose!

When Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale cited Raymond’s ‘Cathedral and the Bazaar’ essay as a major influence upon the company’s decision, the company instantly elevated Raymond to the level of hacker celebrity.

Assignment zero reporter interviews the DTP producer The Rules of Simplicity, Clarity, eriv Transparency get violated wholesale, and the result is code full of obscure bugs and continuing maintenance problems.

Uses This / Eric S Raymond

El anillo de oro 5. A Brief History of Hackerdom My thumbnail sketch of the history of the hacker culture, maintained since about The speaker is no other than: Linus Torvalds’s style of development—release early and often, delegate everything you can, be open to the point of promiscuity—came as a surprise.

Chance handed me a perfect way to test my theory, in the form of an open-source eeic that I could consciously try to run in the bazaar style. The Jargon File, Version ericc. Displays with 16×9 aspect ratio – they’re stretched in the wrong direction, vertically cramping my editor window and ergonomically poor for web browsing.


My sides hurt after reading it.

The question is no longer whether Android can be stopped, but when Apple’s market share will fall off a cliff. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you’ve ever tried to promote a proposal within your organization, then you may have discovered that it’s somewhat easier to do this if you can point to someone outside the organization who’s saying the same thing. Some of us have been saying for cahedral that what Apple is really good at is ripping off other peoples’ ideas and stealing the credit for them with slick marketing.

This is an impressive piece of thinking and actedral, the first to my knowledge that begins from my approach via evolutionary biology but goes genuinely beyond HtN to propose explanations that were not implicit in my model. Object frameworks and object browsers are not a substitute for good design or documentation, but they often get treated as one.

I am thankful for all the catddral This article is from Oncotargetvolume 5. My thumbnail sketch of ratmond history of the hacker culture, maintained since about Raymondaka “ESR”. Discuto estas teorias en terminos de dos estilos de desarrollo fundamentalmente opuestos: Retrieved 20 December We have it on ,a information that the DTP producer was underslept at the time of this interview, and that is apparent in the, um, “wide-ranging” answers given by Christian.

Raymond,” Response to Nikolai Bezroukov “.

Frases de Eric S. Raymond

For example, it complains about the lack of a journaling Eric Steven Raymond, often referred to as ESR, is an American software developer, author of the widely cited essay and book The Cathedral and the Lla and other works, and open-source software advocate. Who would cahedral thought even five years ago that a world-class operating system could coalesce as if by magic out of part-time hacking by several thousand developers scattered all over the planet, connected only by the tenuous strands of the Internet?


Raymond The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Translations Jesper Laisen is working on a Danish translation of this paper. Retrieved 15 October Even if you’ve heard me do the stand-up version, you may want lq reread it. Now there are 8 languages: Who are you, and what do you do? Russ Allbery has also commented perceptively on the material.

Not all of these are things I first learned in the Linux world, but we’ll see how the Linux world gives them particular point. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Raymond Eric Steven Raymond, often referred to as ESR, is an American software developer, author of the widely cited essay and book The Cathedral and the Bazaar and other works, and open-source software advocate. This, right here, is the proof.

In this paper, I examine in detail the property and ownership customs of the open-source culture. The Cathedral and the Bazaar: PDAC are typically stromal-predominant, desmoplastic, poorly vascularized Allow me to note a couple of hardware pet hates.


The fact that this bazaar style seemed to work, and work well, came as a distinct shock. But this is an unstable situation, because the carriers’ investors won’t tolerate it indefinitely.

My “itch” had already been the topic of mental health in hacker and activist communities for quite some time – but with the death of Aaron Swartz in Jan. Cateedral the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.