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They did not have long to wait. With the decisive defeat of the Conservatives in late i, the Liberal government under Juarez again faced the task of rebuilding a shattered country. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Nothing remained with which to rebuild the economy of the nation. What part, if any, did Juarez play in the Revolution of Ayutla and the Reform movements in Mexico in the mid-fifties?

The most important things that it contains are, as you will see, the absolute independence of the civil power and religious liberty. A constitution on the basis of social as well as political equality spelled an early end to their privileged status, and they opposed such ideas vigorously.

Then too the Mexican Liberal government had evidenced a favor- able disposition toward the settlement of outstanding issues. The arrival of new aid numerous troop3 has caused no fear or discouragement; on the contrary it has revived public spirit, and today there is but one sentiment in the whole country, the defense of the liberty and independence of Mexico.

Juarez, nevertheless, he refused to comply with another Comonfort decree curbing state power. Therefore he proposed to the Mexican government an ingenious way around the adverse public. A new constitution had been set up in U. Contrary to the prevailing custom, he opposed the creation of unnecessary jobs to accommodate the friends of the party in power.

It was not even against the Church as institution.

Epistolario de Benito Juarez

It allowed no room for compromise or for equivocation. The vast acreages or encomiendasgiven to the conquistadors by the Spanish kings precluded cultivation by one man or one family alone. But years of tradition could not be immediately overturned and Juarez, endowed with the patience of his race, could afford to wait.


Centered in the Venetian-like city of Tenochtitlan high in the plateau valleys, this culture, known as the Aztec, radiated over the whole of central Mexico. What was the social philosophy of Juarez? The cultivation of the rich green valleys would provide enough food for the population, and the development of mineral resources an exchangeable source of wealth.

The Conservatives emphasized the safeguarding of property over the defense of principle. Three years of civil war followed. Comonfort no estaba conforme con las tendencias y fines de la revolucion. The Constitution was the only rule to which the Mexicans ought to subject themselves. Bustamente, said Juarez, did not worry about the improvement of the people nor about the lack of schools and teachers. He aimed for political independence. Add to watch list. The independence movement collapsed because the Creole propertied classes denied their support.

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Juarez was not among these since he was then serving once again as the Governor of Oaxaca; but l5vialter V. A los militares solo se les dejd el fuero en los delitos y faltas puramente militares. The master tutored the sons of ve city’s first families, while the po rer students labored under a harsh ill-educated assistant.

Jorge L. Tamayo (Selections of Epistolario de Benito Juarez)

Juarez declared himself much in favor of the Reform Laws of The gachupines filled most of the episttolario political offices in the colonial society—a cold fact hotly resented by the Creole aristocracy. Within weeks the news had rocketed across the Atlantic and reverberated throughout Mexico.

This the Indians supplied. Although he at least made reference to it throughout his life, he did not hesitate to attempt to mold it or to go against it when the underlying moral authority of the state so demanded.


But with the beginning of the decade epistolatio the fifties, liberalism again began to revive. They had oppressed the people and violated their mission as a “perfect organiza- tion” by taking outside material aid.

Tamayo Epistokario Fondo de Culture Eccnomica,p. Analysis began with a legend, the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the benign god who sprang from the earth to bring the blessings of civilization to the Mexican people. If popular government was to be predicated on a hungry, naked, and miserable populace, Arriaga thought it more logical to declare the poor as things and not persons, deny theiu the vote and establish an aristocratic juareez based on money or talent, as the result would be the same.

On reestablishing the Institute at Oaxaca, he once again expressed his belief that public instruction represented the foundation of social happiness. He gave the people a philosophy by which to shape their destiny.

Quetzalcoatl would one day reappear from the East to rule once more his virgin land. In addition, he was handicapped by a lack of support from foreign powers. In order to facilitate stability and free- dom, he decreed the separation of church and state, the nationalization of Church property, the elimination of the function of civil bnito in the collection of clerical tithes, the formulation of civil and criminal codes, 10 3lbid.

And that reason sprang from a fundamental agreement with the principles, social and political, for which Juarez stood and which he carried out in his daily life. Juarez and the Liberal Party imposed a new identity on the Mexican nationality.

The following year he accepted appointment as Provisional Governor of Oaxaca and in 18U8 was officially elected to a four year term. The call of gold lured others.