EN is the European standard for electric bikes and was adopted in Australia in and EN allows for a W motor. Read more about EN . Chariman of EnergyBus e.V., Dr. Mo-Hua Yang explains Europe’s EN and EN Standards for Light EVs. This European Standard applies to EPAC bicycles for private and commercial use with exception of EPAC intended for hire from unattended station.

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But the reality with e-Bikes is far more complicated.

Europe’s EN and EN Standards for Light EVs

However, it must be noted that compliance with standards does not automatically ensure that products are absolutely safe.

A non-certified e-Bike is not only dangerous for the driver, but also for his environment. Stanard business news company news bicycle news e-bike news lev news new products accessories reports ej15194 stock chart. The market for e-bicycles is expected to dramatically increase in the coming years as consumers seek safe and convenient options to traditional motorized vehicles. The electronics of an uncertified e-Bike have the potential to harm the driver as well as other electronic equipment.

Vibration endurance test 4.

Factory inspection and product surveillance Industry and product standards can do much to ensure the healthy development of new markets. However, self-testing is also permitted if a manufacturer is equipped to conduct the required testing. The growth of e-bicycles in North America will be more modest, with en115194 sales projections of underunits by General safety requirements and test methods. An e-Bike can lay a claim to a CE-mark only if the final product, including all the standadr electronic components has been produced according to the EN standard.

All modern electrical equipment, including the e-Bike, has its own product Directive. However, despite their potentially broad appeal, e-bicycles are subject to a number of regulatory requirements in global jurisdictions.


The various parts each have to have their own CE-mark and be integrated with each other and similar equipment. Categories of e-bicycles In the EU, the term e-bicycle is broadly used in connection with two different types of cycles.

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What is EN – Blind Freddy Ebikes

For owners and operators of e-bicycles, the distinctions between these two categories are important. This European Standard specifies safety and safety related performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of EPAC bicycles and subassemblies intended for use on public roads, and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles.

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In some countries a pedelec that can drive at a low speed without human power is not considered to be a bike but an e-bike and may require a driving license Information derived from ADFC 11 for the situation in Germany. E-bike motors are also sufficiently powerful to propel e-bikes at speeds in excess of 25 kilometers per hour.

In the EU, manufacturers of pedelecs and e-bikes are also subject to different regulatory schemes and requirements. In addition, the EN standards for e-bike batteries were announced by the European Union in Januaryand will be implemented in July stanfard Trade Regulations in the Bicycle Industry.

In other countries it is part of the European product safety ruling.

Revised EN 15194 E-Bike Safety Standard Implemented

Inchiesta pubblica preliminare UNI: The implementation of the EPAC standard varies by country. In some European countries the CE standard is compulsory by law, while in other countries it is just a part of the European product safety ruling. These days an e-Bike with smooth running pedalling assistance is a sophisticated electric machine. The first category of e-bicycles, usually referred to as pedelecs, are equipped with a small motor intended to assist the cyclist when pedaling. In the case of e-bike products that had already passed EN UNIstore cart You have no items in your shopping cart.


According to the Notes concerning battery testing in Section 4. Take the next step How can we help you?

European standard ENCycles — Electrically power assisted cycles —EPAC Bicycles, addresses most of the technical requirements related to the electrical components of e-bicycles. The demand for e-bicycles E-bicycles represent a small but rapidly growing portion of the overall global market. Introduzione I corsi di formazione Calendario Archivio corsi. The standard has to imply quality, reliability and safety.


In this new standard the CEN European Committee for Standardisation has drawn up the technical, environmental and safety requirements to qualify an e-Bike. The EN regards to design and assembly, electrical circuits including charging systems, batteries, electric cables and connections, measurement of maximum power, power management, maximum speed for which assistance is given by the electric motor etc. In a very comprehensive test program an e-Bike is examined mechanically as well as electronically to the interest of the environment, health and safety of the user and his surroundings.

In our world full of electronic equipment it is of utmost importance that any interference between electric equipment is limited. Phylion Battery EN The implementation of the CE standard varies by country. This Directive says that: Anti-dumping on China Made Bicycles.