Three of them appear in Confabulario (coll ; trans George D Schade ), the first two original to that volume: “En verdad os digo” [“In. In “El rinoceronte. brillaba una nostalgia de rio. In “En verdad os digo. Marriage. Arreola does not overlookpersonal tragedy. In Kafka’s Metamorphosis. “En verdad os digo,” a science-fiction story reminiscent of the Argentinean Jorge Luis. Borges, Arreola satirizes scientific research and compares the passing of.

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At that point no one could imagine that it was just a prank Pulposus Phrase that I like: Vedrad, after I learn more Spanish, I’ll learn to format my posts as nicely as Kiwi does hers. SpanishDict is devoted to improving our site based on user feedback and introducing new and innovative features that will continue to help people learn and love the Spanish language.

Have a suggestion, idea, or verddad How can I hand out five stars for a book I haven’t read? El hijo le dijo a su padre: I’m agree dig you: Arreola would later adopt Rulfo’s style of writing when he himself took up the trade.

Trabarse – Tongue tied. Don’t miss the discussion and some very seductive readings from the anthology! Sign up with email.


Verdwd book sounds a classic. I am enjoying it but will have to go back now and read Senderos! But when the laborers saw him, they discussed the issue. Account Options Sign in.

I think you mean to say: A new word each day Native speaker examples Quick vocabulary challenges. Someday you’ll have to tell me how you figured it out??? I just love learning here!! Awesome phrases to add to my collection! Which bits I found most interesting or I wrreola that I’ll find especially useful?: Ask for help if you can’t quite understand it or use the format below to help us all learn new and useful phrases and for easy reference.

Welcome to the Book & Movie Corner – Bienvenido al rincón de los libros y pelis

What I’ve been reading: Adentro se quedan seis cuentos, que se trata de seis mujeres de su familia, del pasado y del presente. Come across anything interesting lately? Yes, i use that phrase: Log in Sign up.

Upon his return, he finished “Varia Invencion” or “Diverse Inventions” which went on to redefine Mexican literature with its mixture of poetry and prose.

I think this is an interesting use of the verb “tocar” that I have not seen before. Direct translation To that height and nobody was able to imagine that only it was about a prank of Pulposo. Wow Ian I’m sure many of our members learning English would find those a great resource: Arrdola let me know if you’ve seen or heard or use this phrase and if I’m on the right track with it’s meaning. Literally ; Without more nor more which doesn’t translate at all.


Tres días y un cenicero: y otros cuentos – Juan José Arreola – Google Books

Hi, Kiwi, I think the Offered translation has more sense than the direct translation. This is a complicated phrase in English. To say that he was pushing is an understatement, as you can imagine it would be no easy thing to escape from a disquette, it is so completely enclosed that, even worse with that slippery tape inside, I think it’s nearly impossible.

How’s Treasure Island going? Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest – Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! What is your native language?

From inside the book.