Unimat SL and DB lathes: unused, boxed examples publication titled: “First Junior Instructions for using The Emco Unimat Universal Machine Tool”. EMCO Hobby Machine Instruction Manuals and Spare Part Lists. Below are links to instruction manuals for various machines. Unimat 3. Spare Parts List. unimat,lathe,belts, manual, book emco, edelstaal,parts, db, sl, unimat 3, mini lathe, db, sl

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We would be glad to help you look for that hard to find manual. If you feel the item was represented in error, please contact me.

Please enter a valid ZIP Code. An alternative precision cartridge, the “Clockmaker’s Sleeve Order No. The headstock could be swivelled on its mounting and, fastened to its end face and so rotating with itwas an aluminium bracket that carried the motor and on most versions an additional speed-reduction pulley. Expect some handwriting and grease smears. The tiny instruction book issued with this model was marked as being the 2nd edition and was originally typed on an A4 sheet, reduced to A5 and bound in grey card.

See terms – opens in a new window or tab. It’s replacement the Unimat-3 unkmat made between and In April the writer met a model engineer who had been given one as a present for his 21 st birthday some 40 years previously.

EMCO-UNIMAT Model SL Operating Manual pdf – CNC Manual

The “pea-green”, pre Emco brochure shows just such a machine, with the larger Dutch motor: It may be that an earlier model was advertised in – emvo a search by the writer’s German contacts through hobby literature of that year has drawn a blank – hence this is likely to have been not just the first American, but the first ever manal for the Unimat Continued: If you are unsure which bearings your motor has, examine the end of the shaft, it’s sometimes possible to see the bronze ring of the plain-bearing type.

To distinguish between the lighter and heaver ZAMAK versions unless you have both togther and can pick them up examine the area where the milling post comes through – on the lighter version there are six bracing ribs around the hole and on the heavier just one round boss in the middle of a rib towards the front; on a light base five of the six ribs have round bosses while the 6th, towards the tailstock, does not. This unit contains three small manuaal within the single casing emfo it is not unknown for one to have short circuited to earth internally.


The crude pictures accompanying the text showed not the very first model, but the slightly modified Mk. The ball races are grease lubricated – using oil will wash the grease uniat and foul up the inside of the motor, again promoting failure. Towards the end of the Mk. Distribution then moved to an organisation called Maualalmost certainly a tie up between a long-established German-owned European tool distributor and Maier. Have one to sell?

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Prices good for Some examples of this version have also been found with saddle and cross-slide locking screws the latter with a small brass plug pushed against the right-hand cross-slide bar but such fittings appear not to have been standard until at least the Mk.

Although some of the original illustrations were used, uniat robin’s-egg blue paper and a different font, properly emcco and justified, made all the difference. On the “Heavy” models at the point where the M6 screws retained the bed rails at both headstock and tailstock the casting was given two parallel grooves. Most of the first boxes had nicely bevelled vertical corners, until at some point during SL productionthis was stopped, probably as an economy measure.

Unimat DB/SL Lathe, Belts, Manual,Links.

The item may be a factory second or a new, unused manial with defects. Or click on this link! By the late s crackle-black finishes were being phased out and Emco followed fashion by producing the majority of the Mk. The first Unimat I bought had no belts. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Select a valid country.

Versions made in the middle years of production can be recognised by the use of die-cast handwheels still with wasp-tail handles and a red-silver-red badge. By reversing the pulleys, and rearranging the belt runs, 11 speeds of approximately to r. It must be emphasised that the manufacturer did not emcp these, nor were the alterations given any publicity at the time.


EMCO-UNIMAT Model SL Operating Manual

Unless specified, all shipments originate from The original model stayed in production untilwith a run of aroundexamples, at which point it was replaced by the Unimat 3, an entirely conventional-looking lathe and one not nearly as ecmo to so many different uses.

I try to reply to all E-mails in a timely manner. That section of the base on which the headstock ubimat was rectangular in shape, with a flat front, and bored to accept a large “inverted-cone” that allowed the headstock to be rotated or quickly detached. A later offering was a “slow-speed” bracket with two idler pulleys designed to allow much lower revolution and so make more effective use of the “chase-type” screwcutting attachment.

The specification plate of a typical US-market DB usually read: In the s and s very few European countries used the same voltage for their domestic supplies and Emco had to supply a wide range of motors to cover every possibility – new examples of which are still being discovered.

One feature found on some early models the writer’s own example being so equipped was a tiny oil hole drilled vertically through the front wall of the carriage by which means the end of the cross-feed screw, where it passed through the casting, could be lubricated. However, with post-WW2 production difficulties and material shortages still hampering all industries, it’s possible that this first type was never publicised at all, but just offered locally in Austria.

The ER type are measured at a defined distance below the extraction groove on the 8-degree 16 Degrees included angle.

Several styles of handwheel were used, all turned from steel and plated silver or black. PZB delta cap, 0.