PDF | The main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof. he main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof integrity: the dynamic rollover. EUROPEAN TEST METHODS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURES. OF BUSES AND COACHES. RELATED TO. ECE R66 (THE APPLIED HUNGARIAN CALCULATION.

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Finally after the th FE model generation, mass balancing was done to bring g the t global COG as close as possible to the physi ysically calculated Ecf.

FE model of the full vehicle was com comprised of first order shell elements, 73 spring elements and eve mass elements ADMAS and 48 Rigid Elements. The number of physical tests necessary to prove the concept was significantly reduced by performing the simulations for the bus rollover.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

Conformity of Production 8. Testing of Articulated Vehicles In the case r66 an articulated vehicle, each rigid section of the vehicle shall comply with the general requirement specified in Paragraph 5. This means, the vehicle including g all its structural parts, members and panels and all projec jecting rigid parts such as luggage racks, on-the roo roof ventilation equipment, should not intrude inside the Res esidual space.

Masses were imposed according to a structured methodo dology. The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in Paragraph 7. Each steered wheel shall be set to its straight-ahead steer position.

The longitudinal l and transverse t coordinates of centre of gravity shall be determined on a common horizontal ground see Figure A3. The approval rr66 granted by the RDW on the basis of the results obtained from the simulations. Detailed description of the tested vehicle shall be given by the manufacturer in which: For all the super structure parts, QEPH formu mulation with 5 point integration was assigned.

A bay contains one window or door pillar on each side of the vehicle as well as side wall elements, a section of the roof structure and a section of the floor and underfloor structure. These elements shall be identified by the manufacturer, in this design submission: Requirements The superstructure of the vehicle shall have the sufficient strength to ensure that the residual space during and after the roll-over test on complete vehicle is unharmed.


KN, mm, ms, kg Introduction Buses are generally believed to be very safe. For design of truck cabin, the survival space must be guaranteed for the safety for driver and front seat passenger in event of crash, which is the legal requirement described in ECE-R29 regulation.

Safety Analysis of Arch Dam p. An average Element edge length gth of 10 mm is maintained in the critical regions and 30mm m in the noncritical regions. For inside observation high-speed photography, video, sce templates, electrical contact sensors or other suitable means shall be used to determine that the requirements of Paragraph 5.

Skip to main content. By using the measured centre of gravity position in the unladen kerb mass condition and considering the effect of the total occupant mass. It shall be constructed so that it does not suffer any deformation which could change the direction of the roll-over of the vehicle. Maximum number of seats permitted to be fitted with occupant restraints All InterRegs documents are formatted as PDF files and contain the full text, tables, diagrams and illustrations of the original as issued by the national government authority.

Full Vehicle CAE simula lation ecw the bus model will be carried out by Volvo Vo and results will be reviewed by test agency. Help Center Find new research papers in: A study by Pearce et al. No part of the residual space shall project outside the contour of the deformed structure.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

A table of the value of the total energy and the values of all its components kinetic energy, internal energy, hourglass energyat time increments of 1 ms covering, at least, the period from first contact with the ground fce the maximum deformation is reached, 5.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email ecr a reset eec. Penalties for Non-conformity of Production 9. The active load shall be increased by small incremental steps and the whole structural deformation shall be calculated at every loading step. At least two positions, nominally at the front and rear of the passenger compartment s shall be used.

China Standards Publishing House, The individual load-cell readings shall be noted simultaneously and shall be used to calculate the total vehicle mass and centre of gravity position. A statement of the total energy E to be absorbed by the superstructure, using the formula stated in Paragraph 3.

The direction of the applied load see Figure A7. Two load-cells shall be positioned on a common horizontal ecf, to receive the front wheels. Direction of Roll-over Test The roll-over test shall be carried out on that side of the vehicle which is more dangerous with respect to the residual space. A literature analysis with special focus on injury inj causation and injury mechanisms, Accident Analysis and Sce 37, — Specifications r666 Equivalent Approval Tests Instead of the roll-over test on a complete vehicle, at the discretion of the manufacturer, one of the following equivalent approval test methods can be chosen: If applicable, name and address of the manufacturer’s representative: The dynamic characteristics of a PH may be determined in two ways: Customer Benefit The ecee of physical tests necessary to prove the concept was significantly reduced by performing the simulations for the bus rollover.


The cross sectio ction of the residual space, perpendicular to the length is a trap apezoid and it runs through the length. Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation. The basic principle is that the equivalent approval test method must be carried out in such a way that it represents the basic roll-over test specified in Annex 5.

The bus structures must have sufficient crashworthiness and strength in order to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities during the rollover accident. During the deformation process the load application plane may, in addition to parallel translation, be allowed sce rotate around the axis of intersection of the load application plane with the transverse plane containing the centre of gravity, in order to follow the asymmetric deformation wce the superstructure.

Between two deformed pillars the contour shall be a theoretical surface, determined by straight lines, connecting the ecee contour points of the pillars which were the same height above the floor level before the roll-over test see Figure 1. The roof structure is mes eshed with 10mm fine mesh to accurately capture re deformation. This requirement can be satisfied by the provision of a plot, against time, of the distance between the inside contour of the deformed structure and the periphery of the residual space.

Strength of Superstructure – R6 Passenger Vehicles. The number of the body sections to be tested shall be determined by the following rules: