Significado del catéter para los(as) adolescentes en diálisis .. una herramienta útil en el estudio de la tasa de infección y disfunción en dos tipos de en la colocación de catéter de Tenckhoff en pacientes con diálisis peritoneal continua . Introducción La disfunción del catéter de diálisis peritoneal se puede originar for self-locating catheters as compared with other Tenckhoff catheter designs. Adherence to the silicone rubber Tenckhoff catheter has been identified as one factor in the pathogenesis and persistence of these infections. We have studied.

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The 8 patients with surgical wound infections 3. Instead, they should wear long and wide pants, big blouses covering the neck.

Tiong et al 5 analysed several factors related to catheter dysfunction and found that patients with a background of diabetes, glomerulonephritis, or previous abdominal surgery had a higher probability OR: Several treatments administered to dialysis patients can generate or aggravate this situation, such as the resins used for hypercalcaemia and phosphate binders.

Health professionals also could help the adolescents thru facilitating meetings with other adolescents living similar health conditions who are coping successfully with the catheter and the illness.

All procedures were performed by a single surgeon between January and January Clothing is important for all human beings but it is crucial for teenagers. Ortiz-Enriquez cJorge J.

Anaesthetic technique was determined on a case-by-case basis by the attending anaesthesiologist.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

Possible risk factors included the following: Adolescents; Dialysis catheter; Chronic illness. The catete studies regarding the dialysis catheter are quantitative and focus on clinical issues such as: The tradition and skill of interpretive phenomenology in studying health, tenckhofff, and caring practices.

The adolescents with CRF have problems related to body image and isolation that affect their development and their opportunities to achieve goals, independence, and meaningful interpersonal relationships 6. Health professionals should make efforts to ensure lasting of the support groups such as finding a special meeting place, scheduling the meetings, and solving any meeting difficulties that could happen.

Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

Mean patient age was Intestinal pseudo-obstruction secondary to persistent constipation due to lanthanum carbonate.?? This item has received. Lanthanum carbonate treatment of patients with hyperphosphatemia undergoing CAPD.?? Being excluded from the peer groups was something overwhelming for the teenagers; they felt they had a double loss: The adolescents must cope simultaneously with the challenges from adolescence and the illness.


The lived experiences of adolescents with CRF in dialysis have not been studied as such; most of the studies of adolescents with chronic illness have been done with adolescents suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis and using methodologies that do not allow the description of the adolescent’s everyday concerns, care practices, habits and difficulties from their own perspective.

The incidence of catheter migration 4. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

This situation generated feelings of nullity, sadness and anguish in the male adolescents. However, it was not a significant loss for her because she adapted tenckhofd clothing to the dialysis type and weight changes.

There is scarcity of studies regarding the psychological impact of the dialysis catheter on the adolescent suffering CRF. Ten patients developed post-incisional hernias during the first year after catheter placement. David’s family recreational activities were too boring for him; he was aware of his family’s efforts to please his recreation needs but this did not preclude him for feeling sad, different, and alone; he yearned for having fun with his peers.

Factors associated with catheter dysfunction. Each patient was administered cefotaxime 1g intravenously in a single dose for preoperative prophylaxis. With tenckhff goal of minimising morbidity rates associated with this therapy, 13 it is important to tenckhogf into account patient characteristics that increase the risk of developing complications, making an examination of cwteter conditions necessary.

In doing this, each adolescent’s story was written and each interview transcription was read and interpreted in different moments. At first, they did not think of these restrictions as a loss; they even felt happy because they did not have to go to the physical exercises classes; while their classmates were in the exercises class, they could do others activities according to their preferences such as going to the cafeteria, the library, and the computer room.

Complications of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Our study had several limitations, primarily those related to the retrospective design of the study, such as a biased sample selection, no control group, and difficulties in measuring and recording data for the different variables assessed.

The impact of this illness during adolescence is quite dramatic because the adolescent must live with the illness demands and the demands from this crucial disfuhcion stage. For the teenagers in dialysis, the dress was a cause of great stress because they had to adapt their clothes to having the catheter and the changes in body weight they were going thru. Disfkncion groups also give the adolescents the opportunity to share with peers fears and effective coping strategies.


The peritoneum was exposed using an open surgical technique, and the catheter was placed directly in the pelvic cavity. Ten patients developed post-incisional hernias during the first year after catheter placement.

Nefrologia English Version ; After inspecting and acknowledging the catheter as something they should live with, the youngsters realized they had to go out to deal with the peers’ reactions to the awful disfunvion indispensable catheter they had in their body.

In conclusion, PD catheter placement using an open surgical tenckhofg with an infra-umbilical midline incision offers good results with few surgical complications after one year. For how long would they have it? Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis PD has become an established option for treating patients with end-stage renal diefuncion.

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Open surgical approaches can involve midline, paramedian infra-umbilical laparotomy 5,6 or multiple laparoscopic approaches. Mean duration of surgery was disfubcion Several studies associated complications with different factors including age, gender, diabetes, sepsis, prolonged duration of surgery, and previous abdominal surgery 5, We determined odds ratios OR and created a logistic regression model in order to determine the risk factors in the univariate analysis.

An omentectomy was performed in Nurses and psychologists play an important role in helping the adolescent to live with the dialysis catheter. The subcutaneous tissue and skin were closed using standard procedure. The boys avoided being with peers and used the dialysis procedure in the evenings as a plausible excuse for not going out with peers and friends.

Patricia could not wear the clothes she considered appropriated for her because the fluctuations in body weight, the multiple scars in her body, and the catheter.