Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose interests included mathematics, science, and art. He is best known . Oswald Spengler. DECLINUL OCCIDENTULUI. Schiţă de morfologie a istoriei rima parte! O#$% &I #E’LIT’TE refaţa trad(cător(l(i france) refaţa. Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului/The Decline of the West. Report. Post on Jun Views. Category.

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El consider c istoria este povestea unor oameni i mase care prin definiia umanitii lor nu pot fi raionali. Fiecare cultur a avut spaiul propriu de dezvoltare, iar cursul de dezvoltare pe care l-a urmat fiecare cultur a fost determinat de factori precum spaiul fizic, vecinii.

Spengler a identificat opt culturi care au propiul stil sau suflet, cultura: Din unghiul de vedere creat de filozofi a spenglerian, decadena, ca fenomen artistic i estetic, poate fi perceput ntr-un dublu sens i anume ca moment semnificativ al limbajului formal al culturii occidentale de contientizare a crizei sale stilistice, moment pe care istoricii l-au definit prin sintagma fin de siecle. When The Decline of the West was published in the summer ofit was a wild success.

Inhe failed his doctoral thesis on Heraclitus titled Der metaphysische Grundgedanke der Heraklitischen PhilosophieThe Metaphysical Fundamental Thought in Heraclitean Philosophyand conducted under the direction of Alois Riehl because of insufficient references, which effectively ended his chances of an academic career.

From to he worked at a grammar school Realgymnasium in Hamburgwhere he taught science, German history, and mathematics. It was approved and he received his teaching certificate.

When Oswald was ten years of age, his family moved to the university city of Halle. Leer a Oswald Spengler Documents. Morfologia culturii conceput de Spengler a dus la transformarea istoriei din trecut n destin, considernd c fiecare cultur este purttoarea unei esene a crei revelare este inevitabil. Istoria unei culturi se constituie din realizarea progresiv a posibilitilor latente n timp ce desvrirea acestor posibiliti echivaleaz cu civilizaia.

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Declinul Occidentului De Oswald Spengler Pdf Download

She was the least talented member of the Grantzow family. Goethe gave me method, Nietzsche the questioning faculty In the second volume, published inDde argued that German socialism differed from Marxismand was in fact compatible with traditional German conservatism.

It was imperative to read Spengler, to sympathize or revolt. Here he received a classical education at the local Gymnasium academically oriented secondary schoolstudying Greek, Latin, mathematics and sciences. Although himself a German nationalist, Spengler viewed the Nazis as too narrowly German, and not occidental enough to lead the fight against other peoples. His private studies were undirected.

Cultivated European discourse quickly became Spengler-saturated. Autorul consider c gnditorul occidental este centrat exclusiv pe spaiul cultural propriu, ignornd celelalte culturi. He correctly predicted important developments of his time and strongly influenced other historians, including Franz Borkenau and especially Arnold J. Kennan Henry Kissinger H. He is best known for his book The Decline of the West Der Untergang des Abendlandespublished in andcovering all of world history.

Views Read View source View history. El a respins ideea c o cultur n curs de dezvoltare ar mprumuta sau integra sisteme sau valori din trecut, cel puin nu n sensul n care funcionau anterior.

During the war, however, his inheritance was largely useless because it was invested overseas; thus he lived in genuine poverty for this period. Din perspectiva spenglerian, limbajului formal al fiecrei culturi se impune printr-un stil inconfundabil, caracteristic.

Here, too, he occidentuoui his propensity for the arts—especially poetry, drama, and music—and came under the influence of the ideas of Goethe and Nietzsche:.

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului/The Decline of the West

Spengler’s criticisms of liberalism [17] were welcomed by the Nazis, but Spengler disagreed with their biological ideology and anti-Semitism. Max Weber described Spengler as a “very ingenious and learned dilettante”, while Karl Popper called the thesis “pointless”.

It comforted Germans because it seemingly rationalized their downfall as part of larger world-historical processes. Infollowing the social-economic upheaval and inflationSpengler entered politics in an effort to bring Reichswehr general Hans von Seeckt to power as the country’s leader. Owsald i menioneaz adesea pe Hegel, Goethe, si Nietzsche numind astfel trei dintre cei mai creativi scriitori germani dar i pe alii ca i predecesori sau ca surse de influen intelectual, desi intre cei trei sunt diferente de gandire enorme.


Artele, ca manifestri culturale, reprezint semnificaiile majore i trsturile definitorii ale acestui stil. Spengler’s model of history postulates that any culture is a superorganism with a limited and predictable lifespan.

Leben und Werk – Homepage von Joachim? Aos Decisivos oswald spengler Documents. Spengler is rendered as a nationalist, anti-democratic, and a prominent member of the Conservative Revolutiondec,inul he rejected National Socialism due to its racialism.

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului

He lived as a cloistered scholar, supported by his modest inheritance. Spenglerism spurted from the pens of countless disciples. Retrieved from ” https: Spengler a realizat de asemenea i analogia cu cele patru anotimpuri: Spengler este considerat precursorul ideologic al fascismului, dei ntre anii i pn al decesului su a fost exilat la Munchen aproape n stare de arest la domiciliu. Oswald was born ten months after his brother’s death.

Stuart 1 January The book met with wide success outside of Germany as well, and by had been translated into several other languages. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Decadncia e Histria em Oswald Spengler -?

Published on Nov View 37 Download Spengler’s work became an important foundation for the social cycle theory.

BlankenburgDuchy of BrunswickGerman Empire. He made occasional trips to the Harz mountainsand to Italy. It still remains so”. Spre exemplu, grecii au mprumutat concepte matematice de la egipteni, dar cu un sens transformat.