A Steve Jobs keynote presentation is an extraordinary expe- rience, and he. a passionate perfectionist and a visionary How I Became a Hindu by David. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastry) Contents Foreword. HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley ( Pandit Vamadeva Shastry).

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How I Became a Hindu: My Discovery of Vedic Dharma

Over the next few months I wrote a new book on the Rig Veda called Self-realization and the Super mind in the Rig Veda and sent it to him. But the problem of our inherent nothingness was not something that they had any real method to solve. In other projects Wikiquote.

The author tell us a journey of how he became a Hindu and how he became David Frawley to Vamadeva Shastri. Balasubrahmanyam Rajashree Birla Frawlet. It was a personal decision that occurred frawely the result of a long quest, a finishing touch of an extensive inner search of many years. All tradition is not bad.

David Frawley – Wikipedia

It was a great adventure with many interesting, if not amazing experiences that transcended my earlier worldview and brought me into a new life and consciousness. It marked an important transition in becams life. I had written articles for journals in India since and books from In a couple of years I bought a telescope from the money gained by summer jobs that I had done. Because of its l and spiritual sides some people say that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life.

The deities in the temple came alive as the parents of Lord Skanda, who was not only Ramana, but also my own inner child of immortality. A number of such American teachers and arose at this time, as well as teachers from India coming to the West.

InFrawley founded the Vedic Research Center, reestablished as the American Institute of Vedic Hindy inwhich represents his work and teachings and which makes available online many resources to the public. In my case I came to Hindu dharma after an earlier exploration of western intellectual thought and world mystical frzwley, a long practice of Yoga and Vedanta and a deep examination of the Vedas.

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The atheist existentialists generally took refuge in Communism. The terms “dharmic” and “native” traditions are also helpful because Hinduism grows out of cavid land and is connected with life itself.

The method of daivd is empirical: Each one of us has a certain life span. Frawley has also been at the forefront of hijdu the old colonial paradigm within which Indian history and Hindu religion had been situated by nineteenth century Indologists. But, on the other hand, he possessed a genuine meditative mind in harmony with the same tradition, a strange contradiction but one that was appealing to people who could not relate to traditions.

Mystical Poetry and Discovery of Eastern Spirituality Throughout this intellectual revolt I never lost sight of a higher reality. This makes the change into Hinduism less dramatic, overt or disruptive to a person’s life and fdawley that reason harder to trace. Psychology was another interesting topic that I discovered, including Freud’s ideas on sex, which helped liberate me from my Catholic background, but I felt that he had not understood the deeper levels of the mind and its creative process.

I had trouble reconciling this mystical sense with the idea of religion that I contacted through my 34 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley Catholic background. I remember first encountering Protestants, or rather realizing that the people nearby followed a dangerous religious heresy.

Tibetan monks were doing chants to her and seeking to project her energy in order to help save davjd human race from the ignorance and illusion frwwley which it was mired. The most memorable events as a child were our weekend visits to my grandparent’s farm on my mother’s sidewhich was still in the old world and almost European.

As a child I began to think about religion as well. We were taught of venal and mortal sins. Inhe was honored by the President of India with the Padma Bhushanthe third highest civilian award granted by the Government of India for “distinguished service of a high order to the nation.

Most people in the world are not at the level of high spiritual practices or ready to renounce the world. There is definitely a strong shakti present in the town, the Mother’s force that is almost palpable. I felt a special affinity with Taoism and its connection with nature and found a good Chinese teacher to guide me in its study. This journey moves from the western world of materialism to the greater universe of consciousness that permeates India and was the basis of her older civilization.


Here Hindus are in the company of those scientists who believe that to understand reality one needs recognize consciousness as a principle that complements matter. I also found that rather than breaking through into a higher perception such artists generally remained trapped in hedonism or got caught in drugs, neurosis, or suicide.

Ravindra Kumar S R rated it liked it Jul 01, Hinduism Hinduism in the West Indian philosophy Indian religions. The Sun, day, dawn, fire, and ocean were archetypes of inner processes. Hinduism appears like a form of brainwashing or mind control, a cultish religion with little to offer a rational and humane western mind.

I began to see the dark side of my Catholic religion. It contains the abundant creative forces and variety of nature itself. It was mainly about science and had no davd cosmology, much less metaphysics. Most importantly, he has urged a return to the Vedas as a means to unlock the secrets of the scriptures that followed. The book emphasizes how David Frawley came to understand and join Hindu Dharma and become a Hindu teacher or Hindu Dharma Pracharaka, which remains central to all his work.

Also, since the physical universe itself is a manifestation of the divine, the notion of frawlye related to our bodily existence is meaningless.

I decided to try to recreate that background. Why should we then be interested in the subject of conversion to Hinduism? Only a rare soul can transcend the influence of time and even he or she must consider the forces of 28 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley time, just as one cannot avoid being affected by the food that one eats.

As school children it seemed to matter little what our religious background was and it was seldom a topic of discussion or consideration. I didn’t seem to notice that I was more pious than the other children were, including hundu brothers and davjd.

But Hindus also declare that the notion that the universe consists of just the material reality to be false.