DA PAM 611-21 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Enlisted MOS Specifications DA Pam , Chapter Note: Links are to the official milSuite site; CAC login requried. DA PAM – Military Occupational Classification and Structure. This new Department of the Army pamphlet– o Consolidates AR

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New Jersey Army National Guard – NPS / GNPS

The recruiter will verify all entries, as well as supporting documents used to verify occasions when pa one signature is authorized, and annotate this verification on the DD Form Verification must be annotated referencing authority for grade on DD Formremarks section. Applicants who claim eligibility for advancement but cannot substantiate will not be advanced on the day of enlistment.

Applicant still needs a spouse waiver. Verification must be presented prior to enlistment into the ARNG. If applicant does not possess any of these documents, the applicant should apply for the proper document under this paragraph.

If an applicant has a US citizen parent or grandparent but does not have proof that they are a US citizen, pzm should be referred to an attorney who can determine whether the applicant is a US citizen. Enlistment pay grade determined using paragraph does not exempt applicant from basic training requirement.


Paragraph pertains to Lost Citizenship Documents. Compare the document with applicant’s drivers license or social security card to ensure that individual is the same person.

Fa definitions of dependent, spouses and children are for qualifications and criteria to enlist. Documents to verify citizenship eligibility include return all documents to applicant after proper citizenship entries are made on the DD Form. If the applicant was born in a foreign country of American parents, but never received an FS or FSthe applicant may be in a Naturalized Citizen status. The provisions of Paragraph j apply for determination of clock, semester, and quarter hours.

Advanced promotion is authorized if college or university provides a letter stating the applicant has met all requirements for a degree, but it will not be awarded until commencement ceremony. Applicants with an associate degree will be enlisted at pay grade E-3 without regard to the number of semester or quarter hours completed.


Pqm that will used to verify Place of Birth Not Citizenship. Soldiers may request to remain assigned to the Selected Reserve at the end of their contractual obligation.

DA PAM 611-21 online | Army Study Guide

Visitation or joint decision rights with the respect to education, medical procedures, or other parental decisions, other than actual physical custody, are not considered as requiring joint physical custody.

TAG may consider waiver. Applicant signature on this memorandum provides their intent that they are “willing to renounce their foreign citizenship”. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.

Mandatory physical custody does not include negotiable periods of visitation or voluntary agreement to have custody for short periods that are negotiable and compatible with military service.

Social Security Number a.

If names do not correspond provide an explanation on DD Form Applicants will be provided a Dual Citizen Memorandum for Record for signature.

Tribal cards and letters from tribal councils are insufficient proof that an applicant is eligible for enlistment with respect to citizenship.

Some MOSs require verification of specific course completions. No Splitting points for applicants who do not meet the minimum aptitude area line score requirements for the MOS in which enlisting.

These laws can apply if the US citizen parent is an adoptive parent or a natural parent. These definitions are not for the purpose of determination of pay or allowances, basic allowance for housing, medical, or other benefits.

Refer to PPOM If the Secretary 161-21 the Army has exercised this authority, guidance on requirements will be available from 611-21 DCS, G This option requires the applicant to remain assigned to the Selected Reserve for a period of four years before being transferred to the IRR for the remaining four years. Current school year withdrawals.

Evaluations of foreign transcripts will be accepted from any degree granting institution accredited by any accrediting organization recognized ea the U.


Must be 2 or more separate school years. 61-121 enlistment name under which an individual may initially enlist in the U. Applicants must qualify for the higher grade at the time of enlistment. A US Passport Book or Card that was originally issued for 5 or more years to the applicant does not have to be currentcan be used to verify US citizenship for applicants that were naturalized either on their own, derived it from their parents 611-2 or derived because they were adopted at a young age by US parent s.

Refer to Redesigned Permanent Resident Card. Effective date daa DOR will be the date the commander authorizes the promotion. If the spouse has a family care plan it applies to the applicant as well FCP should be 61-121.

US law provides that under certain circumstances, some persons may automatically become US citizens by derivation through their parents or grandparents. USCIS Form I card holders are eligible for enlistment, provided their card is valid for 6 months after fa accession date onto AD for initial training. Pages on this site will not be updated.

Annotate in remarks section of DD Form series, the applicant must submit supporting documentation prior to ship date or within 6 months of enlistment, whichever comes first, in order to be advanced. See NGRChap 6. Card must be original and legible. Courses below the series may be used if the college or university applies them to a degree-producing program.

Under 8 USCany person born in the Panama Canal Pqm on or after 26 February and before 1 Octoberwhose father or mother, or both, at time of birth of such person, was or is a citizen of the United States, is a citizen of the United States.

This consent of parents or legal guardians must be in writing before physical examination or enlistment.