Cracking the Bible Code has 53 ratings and 10 reviews. Catalin said: Target audience: Common people, anyone interested to evade in the mysticism surround. Attempts to decode the meaning of the Bible are as old as the scriptures themselves. Jewish writers such as Philo and Christian writers such as Origen believed. review of Jeffrey Satinover’s book, Cracking the Bible Code written by Roy A. Reinhold. Recommendation: best foundations book on the Bible code, mandatory.

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This book carries that to a whole new level. About the Author Jeffrey Satinover, M. Cracking the Bible Code is the first accurate account of the codes-a story far more stunning than has yet been told. Mark rated it really liked it Dec 21, He writes and lectures on the interface between science and religion.

James rated it liked it Aug 02, Crackng tells us that he believes that the Codes themselves are content-free — in other words, there’s no message. It also proves the hand of God in it. Feb 22, Catalin Negru rated it did not like it Shelves: For example, it describes how the weakness of a code is that the writer of the message does not if the message has been intercepted and interpreted by someone who should not have access to this information.

Satinover traces the fascinating tradition of the codes, counters sensational and inaccurate representations, explains the controversy over their authenticity, and clarifies their implications for our view of God, faith, and fate. I found Cracking the Bible Code to be totally engrossing. Man Bites Dog Email inquiries to the Research Staff at: This is certainly a legitimate opinion, and it is certainly justified by the current evidence.

For example, II Peter 1: Mark rated jffrey it was amazing May 25, Notes on Golden Mean Addendum September He writes and lectures on the interface between science and religion.


All you need to do is read It also describes successful experiments where a particle will behave according to the intent of the researcher So I wasn’t quite sure what I should expect from this book. If you want to learn the background in the Bible code and learn the basics, then buy and read this book.

Instead, they serve as satnover “watermark” that attests to the Divine authorship of the Torah. Rob Rosati rated it liked it Jul 30, But some of today’s greatest scientific minds have been unable as yet to disprove the codes. When I purchased this book and began to read it, I did so thinking that it would be a somewhat intriguing diversion from all the ugliness of the atrocities of Sept. Harper Paperbacks; Reprint edition June 3, Language: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Therefore, I am very pleased to recommend the new book by Jeffrey Satinover, M. It seems like an ostrich philosophy to bibl that the balance of the Tanakh is not amenable to the Heaviside technique.

THE reference book to understand where explorations for a Bible code began; and it covers some of the development of coding satinovef in general. At the time of publication, Satinover wasn’t completely convinced of the Bible codes himself, although he certainly saw sufficient evidence to warrant further development. Making Peace With Geometry – Index. Rather, it begins by telling a series of biographical stories that illustrate the long and rich history of the Jews and their devotion to the Torah both as Holy Scripture, and as God’s Puzzle to be pieced together by the faithful.

Satinover and those he worked with on this book regard God’s Word is beyond anything I’d ever experienced. Great introduction book for those wanting to learn about the Bible Codes. Satinover’s presentation is fair-minded, scientifically and academically competent. Satinover’s personal conclusions, which, as an honest presenter, he forthrightly and clearly states.


I believe it is more likely that the Codes do contain real and important content, but that the content most assuredly is crackinng Nostradamus-like predictions, and it is not even literal. My understanding of the evidence suggests that they are primarily of a geometric nature, and related to the construction of the Temple, the Temple furniture, priestly garments, Levite dances, and meditational crackihg — as those who have perused elsewhere on this website have no doubt already noticed.

Cracking the Bible Code

Damning By Faint Praise If the codes are proven to be genuine, they would be crscking to scientific proof of the existence of God. It is worth reading just for this information.

Jun 11, Leslie rated it it was amazing. Essays by Stan Tenen. Modern scientists have determined the age to be more than 15 B years.

Cracking the Bible Code, book by Jeffrey Satinover

An obscure sage will be mentioned for a few biblw, then forgotten, only to reappear chapters later presented with a level of familiarity that would lead you to believe he’s the main character in the book. The Evidence is Not Hidden He ran experiments to disprove the Bible codes Vicki rated it it was amazing Sep 21, I devoured every word, have given copies away several times, and cannot get over the information contained in this book.

Then, as a Jew, the author praises the mystical nature of the Torah and suggests that this is a proof it was inspired by God. Nevertheless, he aptly explains the history.

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