CPCSEA Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Facility. 4. Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 5. Breeding of and Experiments on Animals. Guidelines on the Regulation of Scientific Experiments on. Animals. 7. CPCSEA Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Facility – 8. Care and. Recognized guidelines for the care and use of the animals were followed ( CPCSEA guidelines for laboratory animal facility, ) [15]. Permission for the.

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Pest control Pest control programmes. Professional Conduct Personal Hygiene. Polypropylene, polycarbonate and stainless steel cages cpsea be used. Optimizes normal animal behaviour. The window is taped.

Avoid eat, drink and smoke in animal facility. Side effects such as excessive salivation, convulsions, excitation and disorientation. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Power and lighting- fluorescent lights, emergency power. Area for repairing cages and equipment. Tranquillizers should be given for larger animals such as monkeys, dogs, cats before an snimal procedure. Registration Forgot your password? Autoclave or gas sterilizers can be used. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. People trained in animal science should be appointed.

Cages and water bottles can be disinfected by rinsing at a temperature of C or by chemical agents such as hypochlorite to destroy pathogenic microbes. Should contain crude fiber crude protein, essential vitamins, minerals ,fat and carbohydrates for providing appropriate nutrition.


Located as far away from human habitations as possible. To enhance animal well being and quality. Animal husbandry Adequate space, maintenance of body temp ,urination, defecation and reproduction. Published by Chester Wade Modified over 3 years ago. Local or general anaesthetics may be used.

CPCSEA Guidelines for laboratory animal facility,CPCSEA: Indian Journal of Pharmacology

To improve laboratory animal facility To enhance biological knowledge that is relevant to humans and animals. Bedding Absorbent, free of toxic chemicals. Change the bedding twice a week. Various cocsea used in toxicity testing of cigarette smoke, mutagenesis,reproductive toxicity. A test sample is placed on the embryonic membrane and contained within a plastic ring. Not exposed to dust ,smoke, noisewild rodents, insects and birds.

To prohibit a person or an institute from carrying out experiments on animals. Separation is based on species to prevent diseases and transmission. Devices should be suitable in size design for the animal fcaility held and operated properly to minimize stress and avoid injury to the human.

To make rules in relation to the conduct of experiments on animals. Clinical record of sick animals. Indian Journal of Pharmacology, ,page no Kasture S. Death record Records of experiments on animals. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

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Animal is required to sacrificed on termination ghidelines an experiment or otherwise for ethical reasons, death without causing anxiety, pain with minimum time lag phase. It is established under the provision of Prevention of cruelty act of What is a Chemical Carcinogen?

Laws and regulations dictate appropriate procedures and care.

Ventilation- air conditioning systems. An Introduction to Biological Safety Dr. To maintain zoonosis control programmes. Record keeping Animal house plans. Use disposable wear such as gloves ,masks, head covers, coats, shoe covers. Infection control Infection control is a way to minimize the transmission of microbes in the dental office The. Use pre-anaesthetics were ever applicable. Period of restraint should be minimum. Minimizes the chance for introduction of pathogens into an established colony.

Less restrictive systems should be used. To authorize any of its officers to inspect any place at any time. Social environment Population density can affect reproduction, metabolism, immune responses and behaviour. Chemical industry institute of toxicology. Keep the animals dry and clean. If any irrepairable injury occursthe animal should be sacrificed.