C 18 Nov 02 From: Director To: Marine Corps Institute Student Subj: COUNSELING FOR MARINES (MCI C) 1. Purpose. The subject course. NAVMC , U.S. Marine Corps User’s Guide to Counseling, provides a means to .. Marine Corps Institute (MCI) courses. This is also a time. Counseling for Marines (MCI C) [T.M. Franus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Behavioral Health & Wellness

The station commanding officer recently published a station order, which specifically stated that there would be no fraternization between SNCOs and junior enlisted Marines. If the NCOIC will give you some backing, you could really put the screws to these people who are messing up the Corps. Additional The recommended formal and informal counseling occurrences are listed in Guidance the following table: However, reserve lance corporals and below will be counseled every 3 months and once during annual training duty.

If you have questions about the answers, see the reference page. Example 1 The following are examples of closed questions: You like to make ethnic remarks just to see all the minorities react. You were feeling down and decided to have a few beers.

Just remember, Start Small, Think Big. Every 90 days b.

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Cpl Pilot, who is black, was approached by three black Marines from his section and asked him to bring the matter to your attention. Place your responses in the spaces provided. Marinea me on this computer. A solution to these types of problems must be carefully planned to assist the subordinate in achieving a positive solution.


The following qualifications apply: Objectives Read the objectives for each lesson and then read the lesson text. Disadvantages The disadvantages of nondirective counesling are as marinea While with you, he stated that Sgt Puncher, one of your section chiefs, had thumped him. Sincethe Marine Corps Institute has been helping tens of thousands of hard-charging Marines, like you, improve their technical job performance skills through distance learning.

Check your answers against those listed at the end of this lesson. We recommend that you try to complete your review lesson examination without referring to the text, but, for those items questions you are unsure of, restudy counnseling text.

Jones has been in your unit for only three days but seems to be a good Marine. Or, better still, make up and solve problems that use most of the elements of a study unit. Participate in continuing education i. Develops performance, enhances accomplishments, measures skills, and tracking tool Item 3 Select the three questions that are used as groundwork for analyzing problems.

It also provides the senior and subordinates an opportunity to potentially prevent a problem from occurring. If your new Plt Sgt takes a concerned, empathetic approach, you will respond very positively. Notice the table of contents covers specific areas of study and the order in which they are presented.

He expects you to handle all personal and discipline problems that may arise, except for those of an extremely serious nature.

You are confident that they did not see you as you watched them enter their motel room. Has the subordinate been properly trained? Combining can be more effective than when used alone. She told you that she had slipped in the bathroom and hit her mouth against the door, and you thought nothing more of it.


Review progress, involve the subordinate, summarize strengths, and plan for improvement. You realize that LCpl Anderson and GySgt Venarchek are trying to be discreet about their relationship, but you do not feel it would be professional for you to ignore the situation, especially now that LCpl Anderson knows that you are aware of the relationship; so you have scheduled a counseling session with LCpl Anderson.

Counseling Counseling is available to individuals and couples with priority given to active duty personnel. When the nondirective approach is used skillfully, the advantages outweigh the cost of time and effort. Document all commitments and goals. Teams and organizations that operate with high trust significantly outperform those who do not cultivate trust at the core of their culture.

Gain commitment from the subordinate to the goals.

Doing whatever is necessary to learn is motivation. If you have questions about these items, refer to the reference page. A goal provides the senior and subordinate with a yardstick for measuring performance and identifying problems.

The plan should outline specific actions in clear, simple language, with established target completion dates. How it is done strongly influences whether there is improvement in performance, such as indicated in the following magines Ensure that the room temperature is adequate and that neither of you is facing an unshaded window.

Apprehension While not appearing nervous, the subordinate may agree without commenting on anything the senior says.